1 January 2017

Happy 2017

" Hello everyone and Happy 2017! "


It's a new year and  " a start of something new 🎵 " ( hah. you see what I did there? )

monentree monentree
Image source: http://giphy.com/search/start-of-something-new

I have WAY TOO MANY embarrassing moments in 2016, and I don't even want to start discussing about it. So everybody, it's time to leave all those embarrassing/unhappy moments behind and embrace the new year together 👍.

To welcome the new year, I thought that I could share some goals that I want to achievement from this blog.

#1: Publish my 200th blog post
#2: Have 5 followers 
#3: Reach 7,000 pageviews 
#4: Get a blogging buddy/friend
#5: Step up my photography game
#6: Develop a new blogging style

Do comment on your goals for 2017, and I just added a '  ' button at the bottom. So don't forget to click that like button you if like this blog post.

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24 December 2016

Blogmas Day 24: Chill Day


Today was a pretty much chill-out day and you could probably see it in the following pictures.


All I did was watching TV and eat and watch TV and eat. And that's basically it😂. Boring. I know. But what can we do in a hotel room other than watch the programmes available?

With that being said, I love staying in hotel rooms and chill. This is my perfect kind of day. If I was on a holiday with my family, I would prefer to stay in the hotel room rather than going outside to see see look look. It would be more perfect if I have a book with me🤓. Love me some lazy day.

-      W