19 August 2014

7 Youtubers you MUST follow

Sometimes when you're waiting for Youtubers to upload their videos and left with
nothing to watch and also wanted to be exposed to other Youtubers
- to have more videos to watch when you went into Youtube again. There are some
Youtubers I subscribed to which I think were interesting.

1. Bethany Mota
Everybody knows Bethany Mota. Maybe? 
But if you subscribe to her channel and watched her videos. You'll found out that her Youtube videos are basically almost the same in the sense that her Youtube videos are always beauty, fashion and
some times DIY. She was borned in 17 November, 1995 and also a designer as well.
 Her videos were pretty interesting and funny too. She is also very inspiring. 
I don't know is it me or her videos tend to motivate me to keep watching her videos. 
Lastly, she has 7,002,578 subscribers which is a pretty huge number.

Meredith Foster has 2,762,490 subscribers and her videos were on fashion and beauty.
 But in her channel she mention that the purpose of her making Youtube videos is "my channel is all about being confident in your own skin and loving who you are. 
Although most of my videos have to do with fashion & beauty,
 I want to show girls that beauty comes from within.". 
With this statement, she is very motivated to help others. Her videos were funny too, she is weird in a funny way and she is very cheerful too.

3.Tess Christine
Her Youtube videos were very inspiring and she had videos on 
"Get the look" which basically she dressed up like a celebrity.
 For example, she made "Get the look" video on Ariana Grande and she even
 included Ariana Grande's hairstyle, makeup and the way she dress. Her videos were inspiring! 
Her get to look videos made me went on the internet and find pictures of celebrities like
 Selena Gomez to get fashion reference. Lastly, she has 892,294 subscribers and
 I believe that she will succeed one day.

Eva - that's her name - has a wide range of ideas to save money. 
In a way that even though most of her videos were on fashion, they were DIY-ed. She also had DIYs on Tumblr inspired shirts and Tumblr inspired room decoration. 
Money is seen as a very important possession nowadays, so if you're interested to save money,
 her videos will do you good and she even has a video to earn money. WHAT!?
 I know I went to watch it and it's pretty relatable as she points out that
 teenagers found it difficult to get a job, so she listed out the things teenager 
could do to earn money. So she is a relatable Youtuber to me.

5. Nigahiga
Ryan Higa made his videos entertaining and funny. I remembered the first time
 I watched his videos which is a few year back, the videos I saw was "Movies in minute-Twilight
and "Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna". With the title itself, it already very interesting 
and it's calling for you to watch it. The way he made a fact or movie into 
something funny is not easy at all. This shows how humorous he is and 
I applaud him for that and he has a total of 12,781,736 subscribers.

6.Michelle Phan
She has 6,850,523 subscribers and her motive of making Youtube videos is 
"Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best makeup artist". WOW!
 She is a very calm person and the way she speak in the videos were also calm too.
 I think her expressions were almost the same but nevertheless, her videos were great!
 She come up with videos that you'll never think off. For instance, she made a video on
 "How to wear a  dark lip" , "How to be one of a kind" and makeup videos on 
"Seductive vampire" or "Barbie transformation". She has a boyfriend called Dominique Capraro 
and they met in Paris - a city of love - that's so romantic!! The way she wanted to
 convey message to a person is somehow impactful too.

Jack Harries has a twin brother called Finn Harries which sometimes,
 Finn would appear in Jack's Youtube videos. Apparently Jack is the younger one and 
Finn is the elder one. His bio in his Youtube channel states that JacksGap is an 
"online blog and video project that was born from a love of travelling and telling a good story.
We share our experiences through digital content to inform and inspire others.". 
So you already could tell that most on his videos were on travelling. He went to countries
 like India and Sri Lanka. I like videos on "Opening Mail" I think the videos were pretty 
funny as they get to open letters and gifts their fans gave and most of them were MAOAMs
 which was Jack's favourite candy. They received so much MAOAMs that 
they had to count how many MAOAMs they received each time they opened mails or gifts
 from their fans. JacksGap has a totally of 65 videos currently but he also has 3,724,459!
 That's so mind blowing! In addition to that, the twins were so hot that I melted every time 
I saw the videos uploaded. I have a confession, I cannot stop staring at their lips
 when I first watch a video from JacksGap. Oh! That Jack has a great talent in music too.. 
He would have music introduction he made / sang on some
 Youtube videos and my favourite is the introduction song to "Opening Mail".
 It goes " It's a little vi-de-o. It's a little vi-de-o. It's a little vi-de-o. Of whereIopensomemailthatyousentme! ".

8. Blogilates
Cassey made her Youtube videos on exercising and having a fit body. 
So every time you feel like exercising or wanted to exercise, just watch her videos. 
Seriously, her videos were motivate and makes you want to exercise too. 
She will encourage viewer to continue when they wanted to give up. 
Music were played when she began to exercise. 
There are also cases where viewers successfully lose weight when the
y went according to the exercise routine Cassey made for them to follow. 
So I think that is a great start for me to start exercising.

So that's the end of Youtuber I would like to share with everyone.

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