4 August 2014

First entree - Happiness is helping your friends

Recently, my friend is feeling very upset about her grades. She had been receiving the grades that she disliked and also the grades that she faced the most. She explained for situation to me and I felt kind of useless because I cannot help her. It's kind of sad seeing your friend so upset.. It feels like your friends are apart of your emotions. When you friends laugh you will feel happy and when they feel depress... you'll feel sad too. I don't know if that applies to everyone but it definitely applies to me. I guess I'm weird. But the point of this entry is about how weird I am, but more on how to help my friend in this situation.

She told me that she had been studying and trying very hard but she didn't meet her expected grades. After her confrontation, I don't know how to help her and that made me feel like I am a lousy friend. But instead I told another friend of mine which she can relate to. They were close though, so particular friend can console her...

After that I thought that maybe if I can think of a way to help her. So in the end, I went to the Internet and Google search on the possibilities of helping to improve her situation. It turns out quite productive.. I'm satisfied though.

So I made some notes for her to refer to on why are her grades not improving, hoping that it could help her.

The cover is written as " Why are you failing despite studying so hard? " . 

The subsequent pages were my research.. And with every reason I would include solution to that particular reason. In the note itself, I wrote 8 reasons / points. I also added some tips to help her in her studies. 

Due to the grades she got, she tend to feel upset. So I include tips to improve her mood and be happy. :)

On the last page, it is actually a DIY that is simple and anyone can do it. It is a DIY happiness jar.. Basically, it is a jar or any container that is filled with notes to make you feel happy. Those notes were written when something good happens or something that will make you smile like jokes..

With those research, I bundle them together into something she can refer to. I really hope that it would help her so that my hard work will be paid off. 

If you have friends facing difficulties, why not help them and make them smile? It will be the best feeling ever! 

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