21 October 2014

Mix and Match "Vans" graphic top

Here are some ideas to pair with a graphic shirt. I bought this shirt from
Bugis for $6. So I was wondering what could I do with this shirt.
I was planning to do a haul, but I bought too little things from Bugis already.
So I came up with this idea of giving myself challenge to come up with different
styles to wear this graphic shirt.Without further ado , lets get started. :D

Have no clue what to wear or pair with a graphic shirt?
Here are some ideas.

#1: Leggings

 #2: Printed Harem pants

 - I have no idea what I'm doing -

#3: Printed shorts

#4: Printed floral shorts

#5: Jeans ( you will not get wrong with them )

- Ballet dancer wannabe -

#6: Denim shorts

 - Tying a jacket/outer wear around the waist -

#7: Denim suspenders (skirt)

 << THE END>>

I think I need to applaud myself for being so creative and innovative. 
When I wanted to start taking pictures ( full length shot ) , I found out
that I did not have a nice background to shoot or a proper
camera and tripod stand. So use a towel?? cloth?? which is large enough 
to be my background and stacked chairs for the height and bed sheets for support.
It turns out quite well ( I guess ). Even though I don't have a proper
background or gadgets to take a picture of myself, I managed to took pictures
myself, without anybody's help. But I still have difficulties setting up this "studio".
I had to keep adjusting my phone ( camera ), so that the photo doesn't have any
trace of the blue wardrobe. My phone also kept slipping and I almost
had a heart attack, I thought my phone was going to drop on the floor and I
can kiss goodbye to my phone. 
Now then I realised, all the photos do not have any full body shots.
Oh well, let's hope that I can have better photo shots next time, especially
on being able to take full body shots. ( Maybe I could if I stand on a chair? Hmmmm... )
My photoshoot studio. *claps claps claps*

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