16 November 2014

Entrée Visuelle


This is my first time adding voice record to my blog.
But that's not the point. I'm here to post pictures on
 Entrée Visuelle. (this is how you pronounce it).
Oh my god I'm so excited.
So it's been long since I last posted on Entrée Visuelle.
My friend had sent me some pictures but I accidentally deleted
all the pictures she sent. So I asked her to send me the pictures again.
Thousand apologies.

Here are some of the pictures she sent me :D
 *Music cue*

 My personal favorite. 

Credits : IGNIXIA TAN ( my friend )

I think she can be a photographer already.
I can't even take photo like this if you compare my photography skills with hers.
I think I should probably work on my photography skills now.

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