3 November 2014

October fav favs 2014

October has ended a few days ago and I am going to share
my favourite things during the October.

Firstly, my favourite snack.  
1. Dark chocolate digestive biscuit

My one and only favourite snack during 
October (currently too),
it is from Marks and Spencer under the " Simply Food " section.
It was on sale when my mother bought it 3 for $10.  
I don't even know how to explain why it tastes so good.
It's super good I instantly fell in love with it and I can't helped
but kept eating it. As a result, I suffered from a sore throat.

My top 6 favourite songs are..
1. Gold- Neon Hitch ft Tyga
I am so obsessed with this so currently, and I broke my own record.
Listening to this song 6 times in a row.
I was exposed to this song from one of Michelle Phan's
Youtube videos then I was hooked by the song.
It's meaningful and lively. I guess this song writer is
inspired from how he/she felt when they sees their love ones or crush?
It is kind of relatable so I instantly felt in love with this song. ;)

2. Black Widow- Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora
Ooooo.. This song. I love this song too! Basically I love all the songs
I shared with you. No actually I love all the things I shared, that's why
it's called " Favourite". *awkward laughs*

3. Popular Song- Mika ft Ariana Grande
I came acrossed this song because of Ariana Grande.
I was super obsessed with her last time and I decided to find all the songs she sang.
Then I listened to this song and instantly love it.

4. Don't tell 'em- Jeremih

5. Can't hold us- Macklemonre and Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton
The music video is kind of long, 7 minutes and 3 seconds!!
But the song is catchy I guess..

The next song is Kpop..
6. Higher- Ailee ft Yiruma
I love Ailee so much! She is a very talented singer.
Her voice is just amazing! I know I cannot sing like her,
hell I cannot sing well. She have a very talented voice, HANDS DOWN!

Next, favourite accessory..

1. Flower headband/ crown
I bought this from Bugis at Level 2 for $6..
I was debating whether should I bought it then this lady came to me
and did magic to my hair. I was so impressed and I decided to buy it.

Next up! Favourite clothes!!!

1. Light Blue Dress from Cotton On.
 I bought this dress for $29.95, then the next day I happen to
be on Cotton On's official website and I saw the same dress that was sold for
$19.95. I cannot even describe how I felt the moment I found out
that I could have saved $10 and bought other things from Cotton On.
Then the strap broke when I wore it the second time.
I have nothing to say... 
But I still loved this dress because it's flowy, I love flowy dresses.

My favourite shirt.. 
 1. VANS Muscle tee.
You've probably seen this shirt from the previous post, the Mickey
Mouse backdrop though. *awkward laughs*
I love this shirt a lot! I bought this from Bugis Street. 
Bugis Street has a wide range of things
from clothings to food to accessories and best part is that
the things they sell are pretty affordable. :)

 Favourite Lip Balm.
1. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry flavoured lip balm.
 I don't know is it me or does the lip balm
have this little sweet taste in it. Once, I forgot that
I applied the lip balm and accidentally licked my lips.
Then I tasted something sweet, like a diluted sugar mixed with water.
I just licked my lips , and I tasted the sweet taste again.
The sweetness is mild but I feel like trying to taste the
lip balm from the tube? egg? . I've never try it before though.
But it is kind of weird tasting something sweet from a lip balm,
aren't they suppose to be tasteless??? ( Just saying ).

My top 3 favourite apps.
1. Polyvore
Image from:

I love this app so much! I kept using it like how I used Instagram.
Basically this app allows us to be exposed to people's way of dressing and all
sorts of things. You can also come up with a theme and pair up clothes and even furniture!
This is an awesome app , because of this app I keep having the urge to go shopping.
With this app, you technically had already come up with something to wear on different occasions.

I came out with some set of outfits and it is super fun!
I posts 2 sets out outfits daily because I love creating 
new look. The best part is that the app has a wide range of clothes
for you to decide which top to pair with which bottom etc.
There are so sooo much clothes available, they even indicate the price
and where you could purchase from it. But most of the clothes were kind of pricey and
the stores selling those clothes were not available in Singapore :(.
But I still love this app. :D

This was my very first outfit I paired up.

2. Wattpad
For those who didn't know what Wattpad is, it is basically an app that
 allows you to read storybooks.You can read it offline in your phone
 but you have to add the stories of your choices into your " Library ".
The best part is that the stories/ virtual books were written by someone who
is not a famous author or something. I feel that some of them could
write as good as an author. I would actually lay on my bed and read chapters after
chapters of the books I read everyday. Sometimes I would even read during bus rides
or when I am bored. This basically just explains my life. 

3. Battle Camp
This is a game app. I don't know why I like this game so much
but I am hooked to this game. It's like something similar to Candy Crush
but it's not. You know what? Just go and download it and you'll understand.
If you don't like it just delete it simple as that. You'll need internet connection
to play it.

So I've come to the end of this blog post :D
I've came up with a list of things I planned to post for the next few months or so.
Can't wait! I'm so excited! :DD

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