21 December 2014

2014 Holiday Routine

(I'm so excited for Christmas!)

Hi it's me again. Today I'm going to share my holiday routine.
Since school holidays are almost over, I want to look back
at the things I did during the holidays. 

The first thing I did after waking up is grabbing my phone
 and check the social media.
Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp.

Then I removed my fuzzy socks I slept in to keep my feet warm because
the weather is getting colder and colder 
and I left my room to keep my socks back in the shoe rack.

 I went back to my room again.

And I tied my hair away from my face. 

 After that, I checked time which shows 11:18am.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

After doing all my business eg. using the toilet, washing my face.
I will enter the kitchen for food hunt. 

 Breakfast for that day is my sister's birthday cake.
Apparently we didn't finished the cake that night, so we made it 
as our breakfast for the next day. It's a fruit cake with grapes, strawberries, kiwis
and mangoes.

Cut out a slice and went to the kitchen again to pour myself
a cup of water.

 After eating, I happened to be still hungry so I ate
Macadamia nuts which is from Australia. My relatives
went there and gave us Macadamia nuts. My favourite one is the
honey flavored. It's so nice, you wouldn't stop after you started.

 Returned to my room again and took out a folder which
consists of the things I am going to blog about.

I did my little to-do lists. Mostly consist of me
completing my homework.

Then I check the amount of homework I finished.
I completed 2 homework out of 18.

 There's this pimple on my nose that is getting on my nerve,
so I used the nose strip. Trying to remove the things inside.
( I have no idea what is it called ).

While waiting for the nose strip to be done whatever it is doing,
I made my bed and resume completing my homework.
But then I got stuck in the first question, I skipped and tried the second one,
I got stuck too. Then I gave up doing that homework and started using my phone.

Fortunately, my mom said that we're going out and I was like 
"Hooray" because I don't want to do my homework. So I spent my afternoon
and evening at my paternal grandma's house.

Oh.. I bought myself a drink, but my mother paid the money.
( Blueberry flavored.)

After a long day, my family and I went back home.

Then I decided to take a shower and brush my teeth.
So my sleep wear for the night is a Big Bird (Sesame Street) top
and a pink pajamas pants.

For my hair product,
I used the Dove nourishing oil care nutri-oil serum.

So I pumped 3 times on my palm and applied on
my hair to prevent my hair from getting dry. Dry as in
the hair type, you know the frizzy hair?

Next, I switch on the fan to allow my hair to dry at a faster

Apparently, I'm too caught up taking photos for this
post. I forgot to put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket,

After that, I opened the doors of my wardrobe to
take out my pimple cream and lip balm.
And in the meantime...

 I'm using the EOS lip balm because I have
dry lips recently and my lips keep flaking which is the
most annoying thing ever.

 The pimple cream I've been using is the Acne Clear pimple
treatment cream. It has a nude color ( I guess ), and it is very similar to
my skin tone so I kind of use it as a concealer too. But then it
does not really cover much of my pimple, you still can see signs of puberty on my face.

 Then I wore my fuzzy socks again.

Prepared my bed for sleeping.

 Checked the time before switching off the lights,

After all the things I did, I lay on bed and use my phone again.
Until I feel very tired, then I would keep my phone away and sleep.

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