10 December 2014

November Favorites 2014 ♥

Guys, it's December already! Which means
I have one more month till school reopen :(
BOOOOOOO!! And I am not halfway done with
my holiday homework. *thumbs down*
But anyways, I'm going to share with you things 
I love during November.

Favorite drama:
1. The Master's Sun.
Everytime I watch a drama, I wouldn't watch it all the way
as in I won't watch from episode 1 to the final episode.
I don't know why but I will just give up watching.
But this drama made me want to finish watching everything and I did!
Yay me. *claps*
Personally I think this drama is very interesting and scary at the
same time because it has different ghost each episodes and the
characters are funny. Even though I'm not a horror type of person, 
but I managed to survive watching till the final episode. So yeah, this
drama is SUPER NICE and I heard from my sister this drama has high ratings too.

Favorite songs:
1. Bang bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Manaj

2. Irreplaceable - Beyoncé

3. Halo - Beyoncé

4. All about that bass -  Meghan Trainor

5. Break free - Ariana Grande

6. Shake it off - Taylor Swift

Favorite snack:
1. Chewy Junior

 My favorite flavor is the Oreo one :D

Favorite accessories:
1. Star-shaped ear ring
I bought it from Bugis because why not?
Things there are affordable even to people like me. 
*awkward laughs*
I got it along with another two pairs of
ear rings. So in total, I got 3 pairs of ear rings for $5.

2. Daisy bag
I bought this a few months ago and I brought it
everywhere I go. As in everytime I go out, I will
bring this along. And, it has a lot of space inside
there's once I put in my water bottle, wallet, umbrella, file,
 ear piece, pencil case, shoe bag, clothes and spectacle case.
That's a lot of things and I am very impressed! It's
from Cotton On $7.
Thumbs up for whoever designs the bag.

Sooooo, that's basically everything I loved last month :)

*mumbling mumbling*
*Me complaining about my homework*

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