4 December 2014

Room Tour

(The recording is super soft because I'm recording while my
parents are at home. I don't want them to be thinking I'm some
crazy girl who talks to herself hence the volume is SOOOO soft. Plugging
in your headphones/earpiece are HIGHLY recommended 
if you are playing the recording.)

Hello everybody, I've been super busy with unpacking my things
lately. Me and my family just moved into a new apartment on
2nd December (Tuesday). Anyways, I have so many things
to unpack. My siblings have already finished unpacking their stuffs
but I seem to have a lot more. My room was so messy but luckily I managed
to unpack everything and made my room looked at least presentable.
I spent 3 days to unpack and made my room look presentable.
I think I should be rewarded for spending so much
time making my room look so presentable despite the fact that I 
own so many things. Okay guys, I just used the word "presentable" thrice, this
would be the forth.

Without further adieu (I Google the spelling), let me show you
my room.

 These are the boxes from the previous apartment.


 The picture below depicts the amount of things I have and
how much time I spent trying to put them in place.

 Gradually, my room looks neat. ( at least I think it does )

 My desk top

The first drawer from the left. I placed my new textbooks for next
year in here.

Next, I have my writing materials aka notebooks, composition pads,
post its.

Lastly, I placed random stuff in it. Apparently, I used up 3 out of 4 drawers.
It was supposed to be 2 for me and 2 for my brother but oh well..

 One of my walls is painted blue.
Featuring my flower crown and the Christmas stockings with
wrappers in it. Not to forget, Tiffany from Girls Generation.

 My wardrobe.

 There's a mirror in my wardrobe and below it
I placed my clothes to wear at home. Apparently I have
more shorts than shirts to wear at home.

After I hung my clothes, I found out that I did not
have a lot of clothes to wear. I think they are very limited and 
I need to go shopping soon.

Below these clothes, there are bags and beauty products.
Facial masks, lip balm, nail polishes, body lotions.

 Minions bed sheet. They are super cute and it
is also blue, same as my wall but different shade.

An overview on my room.

 P.S. there are boxes at the side because I couldn't fit all
the books hence there are all dumped there. This make me sound
like a book worm and I don't mind at all. ;)

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