28 December 2014

What to wear to an amusement park?

Let's say you're going to an amusement park, but then you don't know what to wear.. 

Here are my personal tips to guide you. And hopefully this would help at least one person out there who is reading this. I assume that people go to amusement park on either summer or spring or somewhere sunny because its kind of self explanatory.

Firstly, you need to wear something comfortable. Don't go and wear something tight that makes you very uncomfortable. If you're playing water rides then the clothing will 'stick' onto your skin even more if you wear things like jeans, skinny jeans etc...( but if you want then nobody is stopping you from wearing that ).
My defination of comfortable is wearing something like shorts, muscle tee, sleeveless shirt ( or short sleeved shirts if you're more comfortable with it ). Because you're going to feel very warm when you go on rides then you'll sweat and stuffs, so wear something that will not make you sweat before you even try on the rides.

Secondly, bring a cap along ( or maybe snapback ). It's going to be very sunny so you got to block the sunlight from your face or from your vision. Wear a cap or hat and not to forget, shades. But if you're wearing spectacles then forget the idea of wearing shades.

Thirdly, bring a small bag along to include the following stuffs:
•wallet ( with cash inside )
•water bottle
•sweater ( or you may want to tie it around your waist to save space for other things )
•tissue ( you never know when you will need it )

Lastly, Don't go and wear heels you will suffer. Like whats the point wearing heels when you're having fun? People go there to have fun not walk on runway in a model fashion show. Most importantly, have FUN! 

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