13 January 2015

Chocolate-dipped strawberries/marshmallow. YUM!

I feel like I should blog about something that is food related. So here's the recipe to make the chocolate-dipped strawberry/marshmallow. 

It's super easy! But it will get messy if you're not careful.
Well actually my sister did most of the work and I am there beside her. Waiting for her orders. Mostly her orders includes washing bowls, cleaning the table. Okay I should stop saying how sad my life was.

You'll need:
•strawberries and or marshmallows
•a bowl which can withstand heat ( not plastic )
•some plates to put the strawberries and marshmallows on

Firstly, you add water into the pot you're using.

Then stack a bowl ( the bowl in the picture is made of ceramic ) on top of the pot. Choclate cannot be heated directly from the fire or else it would be burnt! Hence, the extra effort. 

To prepare the strawberries: just wash it.
Soak it in a bowl filled with water to remove all the things we can't see on the strawberries. Then remove it and wipe the strawberries dry if you want a faster proceedure. 

To prepare the chocolate..
I bought this choclate from Giant. It's super duper huge. Okay, maybe not that huge. Its like thrice the size of a normal chocolate bar.

So you'll have to chop the chocolate.
*disclaimer: not my arm*
( I wanted to take a picture of the chocolate being chopped. But my sister didn't spare me a few second to take a picture of the process. Im so sorry chocolates ).

But I took picture of the end products..

Apparently, you'll have to chop the chocolate into something like that. So that it would take a lesser time to melt the chocolate.

So put the chopped chocolate into the bowl which is ontop of a pot. ( third picture ). Then start the fire. ( Camp fire's buring now. Camp fire's burning now! Burn burn burn. Burn! Burn! Burn! ).

Anf the chocolate will slowly melt. You have to keep stirring the chocolates or else it would burn. Wouldn't want to waste any chocolates..

So after it's melted, it would look something like that.

Then you do whatever you want with the chocolate. You can create designs and pattern ( if that's possible ), but my sister did this sophiscated thing to the marshmallow which I don't know how to explain how she did it. Oh, I have a tip. Actually that is my sister's tip. She told me to decrease the time taken for the chocolate to harden, you have to place the strawberry that has already been dipped into the chocolate in a bowl of ice cold water for a few seconds. Then if you want to you may put the strawberries and marshmallows into the freezer or fridge. Don't put the marshmallow into the ice water. The marshmallow will turn soggy.

Okay, thats all for now. Bye.

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