6 January 2015

"Happy" New Year

Well, it's finally a New Year - 2015.
Even though it's like the 4th day of school,
I felt like I've been through like 10000 days of school.

After I moved house, eveything change.
Okay, maybe not eveything, but most.

So I have to wake up at 5am now, instead
of 6am. I have to leave house at 6:15am instead of 
6;50am. Then my school decided to modify the timetable,
to odd and even weeks. Then I have to manage my time wisely
because I stayed far from my school then I have to wake
up early, reach home late. As a result, there's not much
time left for me to complete my homework or
even revise what I've learnt.

In the bus, before I reach my school, I already
started to yawn continuously. I guess you can
imagine how am I like when in class right?
I yawn and yawn until I teared. 
*awkward laughs*

Then I have to sit in my class, on the chair for
so many hours. Adding on to my
extra curricular activities, by the time
I reached home, I'm as dead as a meat.

Then I am taking national exams this year,
and studying is like so important
right now. I cannot afford to fail and retain.
But still, my new year's resolution is "Living like
there's no tomorrow".

How to live "like there's no tomorrow" when I
have so many things to handle?
Now I'm starting to think that when people
wishes me "Happy New Year", maybe it's
not "Happy" at all.

I have to deal with so many things!
I have to deal with people I encounter,
time management, my homework and my sleep.
I couldn't sleep well nowadays,
I have no idea why or maybe someone
out there is not sleeping well too, like

It's only the 6th Jan, so let's hope
I will really have a
"Happy New Year".

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