26 January 2015

Town on Saturday

Last Saturday, I went to 313 at Somerset with my family. 

I wore this turquoise sleeveless shirt from Forever21 for $7 I guess?... Or is it $10? Anyways, I forgot the price of the shirt. But I remembered it's pretty affordable and that is the main reason why I bought it. HAHAHAHA.

Under the shirt from Forever21, I also wore a grey spagatti strip which is also from Forever21 for $5.
I paired it with a pair of black shorts, a slinged bag and a pair of turquoise flats from DMK.

(Toilet selfie)...

(Forever21 changing room selfie)

The back of the turquoise shirt is plunged and that is the reason why I wore another spagatti strip underneath it.

Apparently, me and my family went to Forever21 first and I bought this stretchable jeans for $14.

After we shopped the 313 building, we went to a bakery then to the huge H&M building.

In the H&M bulding, I picked up a few clothing pieces to try on after I walked around, and I basically walked around the whole floor at least 4 times. Because I couldn't find something suitable for my age to wear, I think they're kind of mature.. But in the end I managed to pick up 3 pieces of clothings.

I took this white/greyish colour dress. I like this dress a lot because it is flowy and I like flowy skirts.

Then I tried on this black cropped top but it didn't suit me well so I did not took a picture of me wearing the cropped top.

After that, I tried on another dress. It has a picture of a cat and like the other dress, it is flowy.

So in the end I bought the first dress I tried on for $17.90.

We had Subway for dinner and went to other malls to shop. 

We came across this mall, I forgot what mall is it, I think it's OG. So we went to level 3 (if I'm wrong), and we were welcomed with vintage things.

I got overly excited with the things I saw and couldn't help and took pictures of everything I saw

There was this shelve filled with tins of scented candles and I like the apple smell one. After I let my mother smell the one I like, she said it smelt like lemon and I got insulted and said 'It's green apple scent.'. In the end I didn't buy it. That's very sad...

Here are some of the pictures I took in the OG mall:

I forgot what it is called, but in the meantime, I called it 2 pieces of fine vintage art. HAHAHAHA.

Vintage clock, chair etc..

Cute vintage tins.

Vintage napkins.

After I saw those vintage things, I found out that I really like things that look vintage and I had already planned,on the spot ( I must add ), that my future house would be according to vintage theme.

After our shopping trip in town, me and my family went home by bus and it took an hour to reach our destinated bus stop.

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