20 February 2015

Chinese New Year (初一)

Hello everyone! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! So basically I am going to share with you what I did during the first 2 days of Chinese New Year.

And so. On the first day of Chinese New Year (初一) I wore this white jumpsuit which I bought it for $29.90 at Histyle (Tampines 1).

Then I wore this boots from Alice (Bugis) for $32.

I applied eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. Then I'm ready to go.

I also brought along this bag which is in my closet.

Then me and my family went to my paternal grandmother's house first. After shaking hands, exchanging greetings and receiving red packets I started inhaling junk food. Around 3+pm, we went to my maternal grandmother's house for visitng, and the routine repeats.

This is me, my cousin(taken) and my aunt(status is still a mystery to me and everyone) from my paternal side. HAHAHAHA! I cannot believe I am doing this.

The whole paternal side but two MIA(missing in action).

Me and my cousins with my grandmother.

At my maternal grandmother's house me and my family (relatives included) played blackjack. Okok everyone, I want to explain why is there a goat plushie there. It was suppose to be a funny story but I don't think I can write it as funny as it seemed. So, before we started playing, my uncle (mom's elder brother) gave me this plushie and told me that if I take it 'I will win money'. Of course I took it! After the card game begin, I really won some money and I was like 'OMG! He was so true!' I shared (more like annoucing) with everyone playing the card game that I really won money after holding onto the goat. Then my uncle (mom's youngest sister's husband) who is sitting beside me said that the plushie should be passed around to somewhat share the luck so that they have the chance to win but apparently he was finding some lame excuses to get the plushie in his hands. After he got the plushie, he even went to the extend that he puts the plushie in standing position and everytime he received his cards, he will put it under the goat's face as if it was looking at the cards. Then we asked him what is he doing, he said that he was letting the goat see the cards so that he can get better cards and win. I have no idea what logic is that but apparently he thinks like that and he looks dumb doing that, not trying to be offensive , but a 30+ year old man putting cards under a plushie face to get better cards. Of course we laugh at him, he is like the joker in the whole paternal side because he is funny and intelligently jokes around not like somebody *coughs* especially my classmates *coughs* does some dumb things and expect everyone to laugh. Okay back to the story, so to summorize everything, the plushie did not bring any luck but instead it brought 'bad luck' us and in the end we asked my grandmother who happened to be there to 'throw it away' (in a joking manner). Well, I don't think I wrote it well enough to have a joke effect in, but at least I think it's funny.

After a few hours, we went to my paternal grandmother's sister's house. So me and my family missed the performace by the lion dance but my sister seemed relieved because she has a phobia of it. But there's a video of the performance. 

Lou Hei at my grandmother's sister's house. Chopsticks prepared..

I got myself a plate of the Lou Hei and I managed to get a slice of abalone and salmon. Everyone was fighting for these two ingredients so to me, it was a very big catch.

After everything and anything, we went back home. So that's basically how I celebrate the first day of CNY.

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