14 February 2015


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone! So, today is Valentines and I have no plans. Fantastic!

Me and my friends came out with this project to distribute flowers to cleaners and the security guards in the school. Originally it was for them, but in the end we also gave to the teachers. The funny thing is that we bought 10 flowers and thought that we wouldn't have enough flowers to distribute to all the cleaners and security guards in the school. But it turns out that we cannot find enough cleaners to distribute to! Hence we gave to some teachers.

Each rose is for $2. So in total we spent $20.

On Friday, me and my friend went to distribute because the rest were busy.
 Firstly, we gave to this Malay cleaner. She was very shocked at first, even though she cannot communicate with us because she only speaks malay, I could still tell that she was very happy. Next, we gave to 2 security guards, one male and one female. Both security guards were very happy when they received it too. The female security gaurd said and I quote, 'Ohh thank you very much. You all are very sweet'. The male security guard said, 'May god bless you' and he also said that he wanted to share it with his wife, which I think is very sweet. Then we gave the rest to some of the teachers.

Just now, me and my family went to Changi City Point. We went to the supermarket there and bought goodies for Chinese New Year.

I swear this branch of FairpriceXtra is like another Target or Walmart in the western countries. There is food section, clothes section, makeup section, beauty products and even cooking essentials! So in the end we spent $230+ in a single receipt and that's pretty much how I will be spending my Valentines Day. Great...

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