13 March 2015


Hello everyone, I've reached Taiwan and I'm going to talk about washroom in Changi Airport(I know it's irrelevant, but oh well..). I swear the airport is like super cool!! Even the washroom makes me feel like I had a luxurious life.

Pretty pretty flowers...

Personally, I think that washroom is an important place where everyone visits. The cleaninest of a washroom also affects the impression of a country or place. So, you're about to witness the most grand washroom I've every came across.

*drum roll* 

This is the pathway to the toilet.

When you turn to your right, you'll enter this area for woman to apply makeup. There is also a window which you can see planes getting ready for their flight.

Let us just have a moment of silence and appreciate the pictures.

All the empty cubicles... 

Squeaky clean!

 When I came out of the washroom, there is this touch-screen for us to rate the cleaninest of the toilet and I gave them the 'excellent', which is the highest grade. So, let the adventure in Taiwan begin!

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