13 March 2015


Hello everyone, this would be my last post before going to Taiwan.

Today's drama session was a little bit different. Instead on focusing on acting, we were focusing on makeup. Some of us were chosen to be the hairstylist and makeup artist.

So this is stage makeup...
The teacher in charged said that he wanted some funk hairstyles, and the 'hairstylist' did some crazy things to our hair!

Me and my friend Claudia.

We were basically caked with thick foundation and thick powder because the makeup applied should be seen from far. Basically everything has to be drastic.

When I got home... 
My mother cooked abalone porridge :D 

So now, I'm here blogging and laying on my stomach, waiting for time to past. 
Me and my family had to reach the airport at about 10pm and our flight is at 1am, changing flights at Hongkong.

So, let me share with you something.
I told my friend that this classmate of mine keep bugging me to buy souvenirs   for him. Then my friend sent me this photo...
And my friend told me to bring along plastic bags as well. To trap the 'Taiwan air' and 'Hongkong air'. AHAHAHAHA!

The luggages are waiting for us...

Gotta go now. Bye~

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