9 May 2015


Hello to all my imaginary readers!

I've been irritated with how messy my room was and I finally decided to settle that problem. LET'S CLEAN MY ROOM!

•Messy bed and study table

•unorganised closet

So I tackled my bed first and fold my blanket.

Then I put everything in place


Next I decided to work on my closet and removed everything from it.

I folded my clothes and made piles of different 'themes' and 'labels' like one pile for t-shirt, another pile for pjs etc...

So at the very bottom of my closet, I put all my pajamas and clothes I wore at home. I realised that I owned lots of dry-fit shirts so I put it at the bottom too.

( the only 'branded' item I owned : nike dry-fit shirt )

Then I put it back in the closet.

I repeated the same procedure for the upper compartment of the closet. 

Moving on, the other side of my closet.

The problem in this part of the closet is that I have too many things inside ( as you can see in the picture below ).

In the white box there are tons of memories and things that are sentimental to me.

I also kept wrapping papers that wrapped the presents I received.

Cards from my friends and classmates

I found these Ikea 'bug news' which was sent in my mailbox when I was a kid member of Ikea. Such childhood memories...
I guess I'm a very sentimental person.

After :

These are the clothes that I want to donate.

Lastly, I went to my study table and put away things in their original places.

I filed all my subject notes and worksheets in files in their respective files. Like a blue file for Math, then every single paper that is related to math, I would file it in.


To clean all the eraser dusts and fallen hair pieces.

I used this ( picture below ). I 'stole' a piece from my mother. It was apparently to remove all the dust that is on pieces of clothings that were hard to remove. It has a sticky side and I made use of it to stick all the eraser dusts and fallen hairs. 

There was already some fallen hairs on the 'sticky paper??' ( opps ).

After :

So I spent about 2 hours so clean my room... It took so long because I have a lot of things and I have a hard time deciding where should this and that be. But I still managed to clean my room and I can have a condusive place to study for my examinations, YOU DID NOT READ WRONGLY, IT'S EXAMINATIONS. I would spent most of my time in here, I might as well make it clean and tidy.

Oh yah... I also played music while I clean my room. If you're interested here are some of the musics I played.

( my current favorite )

( it's not too early or late for christmas songs )

( my favorite song too )

Thank you for reading, imaginary readers. :)

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