18 May 2015

| Help! What should I get for her? | Tips to getting The Perfect Gift (for her)

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As stated in the title, let me share with you some tips and ideas on what to buy or give her. It maybe not be for her birthday, christmas or whatsoever , so it is applicable to any occasion.

(YES COCO! - That's my cousin dog)

Undertsand what she wants. 

If she happened to mention what she wanted for example, 'How I wish I have a Naked Palatte 2' or 'My goal is to own a Victoria Secret bodymist' or something along that line.
She might be puposely trying to hint you or not, but either way, DO take note because it might be handy to help you decide what to give her.

Share cost

This tip is for people who know what they want to give her but don't have the budget. SIMPLE! You gather a group a friends and asked them to chip in.

For example, a Naked Palatte 2 is around SGD$80 but you don't have so much money or you don't want to spend so much on a person, you gather about  7 people, including you, 8. Then if everybody chipped in $10, you'll have $80! See? It's that simple. ;) ( this tip is widely used around me. HAHAHAHA!)

This applied to people who still don't have a clue on what to get for her.

Just follow these guidelines to help you out.

You can buy her something that is fashion-related. Maybe it's a shirt, shoes, bottoms, accessories, a watch, purse, jewlery, hats. You can even combine the examples together selectively and form an outfit! BOOM! Here you go, a gift idea ;)

If the receiver is someone who enjoys beauty products. You can consider buying makeup products, skin products, perfumes or lotion. And of course, if you're buying some beauty products that is for the face, please don't buy any products that will cause any irritations or allergy reactions (that one common sense ah). If her face rots (touchwood) then it's somehow your fault🌚 (just being frank here,no harm intended).

If you still cannot think of anything. Then buy something general like storybooks, customized notebooks, flowers, photos, chocolates with a hint of sincerity and love. 😏😌

It might be something small but it may contained lots of your efforts and sincerity. So, like the ole saying ' it's the sincerity that counts '

However, if she is somebody who is materialistic, then she might not appreciate what you DIY-ed or prepared.

Nevertheless, I still hope that this will be helpful to some people. Bye.

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