16 May 2015

My makeup... My make... My ma... My Mother's Makeup Collection

Good morning to all my imaginary readers ( or rather afternoon ). This is my second time attempting to post this because I accidentally delete the previous one. I was so pissed because I almost ALMOST finished blogging but luck isn't on my side and I have to redo everything.

As stated in the title, I'm going to share with you My Mother's Makeup Collection ( plus mine ). Most of the makeup products were bought from the pharmacy called ' Watsons '.

Me and my mother don't really put on makeup everyday unless there is an occasion like wedding dinner etc. Hence, unlike others who owned 10 foundations we only have 1 foundation and 1 BB cream.

Pigeon powdered foundation.

Laneige snow BB soothing cushion.
Well... I cannot comment much for the foundation and the bb cream because most of the time, I only put on eye and lip makeups. So there's nothing I can comment about it.

Revlon colorstay liquid liner.
I have to say, even though I claimed that I only put on eye and lip makeup. But I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT put on eyeliner because I suck at it! Like seriously! I will end up poking my eye, smudging the eyeliner or draw a messy line.

Mentholatum ( LipIce ) watercolor with the shade kissy pink. It says ' moisturize your lips with fluttering shades of pink '. I really like this lipstick and I wore in Taiwan too. It is really moisturizing like a chapstick / lipbalm. So when you're lips are flaking and dry you can apply this as a lipstick or a chapstick :).

From the brand Silkygirl :
• perfect stay eye primer + shadow

• shimmer duo blusher ( Rose Petal )

• smokey eyeliner + smudger ( True Blue )

• color junkie lip polish ( lip gloss ) - ' long-lasting and intense color with high gloss finish '

• precision sharp eyeliner pen ( blackest black ) - ' long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof, fragrance free, dermatologist tested '

From Maybelline :
• the hyper curl volum' express ( waterproof )

From Etude House :
• apricot stick ( lipstick )

• dear my enamel gloss ( lipgloss )

I really like the Silkygirl eyeshadow because it is compact and there's instrucstions for you to follow to achieve a smokey eye effect. I didn't really follow the instructions because I tried and failed, so that's a lesson learnt. But I still like the colors and stuff.

I also like the blusher because I like the color of my cheeks when I applied it. Like I said, I only apply eye and lip makeup, but I used this blusher once. Even my friend said she liked the color and she took it from me and applied on her face. ... ... Of course she asked for permission but I feel that makeup is for personal use and I cannot reject her because she asked. But then if I did reject her then that would make me seem like I'm the bad guy. 

So out of all the 12 makeup products, you must be wondering. Where are the makeup products I owned.

I only owned two which is the Etude House Apricot stick and the LipIce Watercolor. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I bought the LipIce one myself but my mother gave the Apricot Stick as my Christmas gift last year.

Just to show you the color difference.
The one on top is the Apricot Stick while the bottom one is the LipIce Watercolor.

The Apricot Stick, like the LipIce one, is also very moisturizing and I wore it during Chinese New Year this year. It has a very sweet smell that makes you think that it is edible, and I guess that it is the smell of the fruit apricot.

So you can say that my mother is a fan of Silkygirl because for the past few years, I've been using Silkygirl and Maybelline. But recently, she bought the lip gloss from Etude House. 

I also found out that I have high interest for makeups. It's like super facinating to see what makeup can do and I also followed a lot of Instagram accounts that is related to makeup. That's all for now... Oh yah, before I forget, do follow this blog on Instagram @monentree . BYE!

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