12 May 2015

| What should I wear??? | OUTFIT IDEAS

Hello to all my imaginary readers.. I've came up / wore these outfits. So I thought it might be useful to some people who might needed ideas for your outfit. I hoped that this would help at least one imaginary reader and I got to say that I salute people who creates laydown outfits without worrying that their shoes might dirty their outfits after being worn outside. Some even put their shoes on top of their outfits and I'm like ' WHAAAAAT? '. All those dirt that was collected on the soles of the shoes is on your shirt! For god's sake, aren't you afraid that it might dirty your shirt or your carpet? ( for some people ). I tried to include shoes in my outfits, I even went to the extend to insert a few pieces of tissue papers under the soles, so as to avoid the floor from getting dirty. Back to the topic, enjoy~

#1: black X white ( and a little gold ).

#2 : perfect outfit for spring / beach

#3 : going floral.

#4 : white X pink

#5 : plain outfit ( with floral shoes )

Did you enjoy that? I know, it's a short post but I hope you enjoyed this post because I spent so much time on these outfits. Apparently, I am not very good in deciding which is nicer and what not. So I need a long time to find the right outfit. But anyways, thank you for reading.

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