4 June 2015


Hello everybody! * crickets chipping *
Okay... So what's up guys? I'm gonna blog today again. * silence * 

Hohoho... After one week and so, I decided to blog my stayover at Conrad.

Fast forward to night time, me and my friends went out for dinner and passed by Marina Bay Sands ( MBS ), of course we whipped out our phones and took pictures of the scenary before us.

Then after our photo-taking stop, we continued our journey to Makansutra Gluttons Bay

We had these for dinner, 7 servings. Everything was super good ( except the BBQ stingray, which was bitter for some reasons ). We were famished and even ordered two plates of pineapple rice! When we're done, our stomach felt like it's gonna burst. #firstworldproblem

We walked back to the hotel room and calculated the money spent on food and divided equally so that everyone paid equally for the food.

Sadly, some of my friends went home and left 4 of us. And of course! I couldn't missed the chance to spam photos of the hotel room.

So this is the entrance with many doors.

When you turn left, from the entrance, that's the bathroom.

There's mirror almost everywhere in the bathroom!
There's one behind the door.

A huge one infront of the basin.

By the bathtub.

Last but not least, a circular mirror which zooms into your face. ( I use this mirror to pluck my eyebrows. It's a good mirror to pop your pimple too. ). 

This is the shower.

The toilet bowl.

My all time enemy, aka the weighing machine.

A rubber ducky

I have no idea what this was but I assumed this is an exfoliating salt.

Mirror selfie by the bathtub ( before dinner ). Sorry I was facing sideways because I was still wearing a shoe ( yep, one shoe. ).

When you exit the bathroom, you'll face another door which is a closet.
You'll be greeted by this clean, white bathrobe when you slide the door.

 The other side, there was a safe and a spare pillow and blanket bundled together.

We don't see this in every hotel room, or at least I didn't see them in hotel rooms at all so I took a picture.

There's laundry service ( you'll need to pay money ).

Moving on... Just next to the bathroom, you'll see a mini bar.
Cups, tea packets and coffee were laid out. After reading the small card printed, it says that you'll have to pay money when you use the mini coffee tubs? I can't remember the name of it.

There's a coffee machine and a boiler.

When you opened the drawer, there's lots of snacks and liquor, which you'll need to pay when you open them.

Below the drawer, theres a cabinet, and in the cabinet there's a mini fridge. Similar to the snacks and liquor in the drawer, you'll have to pay money if you open the drinks inside it. I'm not too sure if you'll have to pay extra for the electricity from the fridge. But I'm told that you'll have to pay. So if you want to pay money, you open it, if you don't, then don't open it.

There's the TV, with many channels! Like MTV, Fox Movies and HBO etc...

On the counter, below the TV, there's a tiny little bear ( it's free, you can take it home ) and a mini drawer with green apple, cutlery and a napkin.

More drawers...
 Another set of clean bathrobe.

A small pouch with a hair dryer, inside the drawer.

The other side of the drawer is pretty much empty but there's sockets for you to charge your phones and cameras etc. I guess that the sockets is international friendly in the sense that it can fit different type of plugs, without using an adapter. But in case it doesn't fit, just bring along an adapter.

Just beside the TV, there's this study table. It's very user friendly for businessmen because there are stationaries provided! But I'm not too sure if you could bring them home.

In the first drawer ( from the left ), magazines were placed neatly.

Then there was a larger one, with paperclips, rulers, pencil and stapler.

And the last one is empty.

Then there was two beds which was super messy.

A nightstand in between two beds.

A torchlight, bible and a book was placed in the nightstand.

And guys, these slippers are the bomb! It's insanly soft! Almost like walking on cushions. It's A-MA-ZING.

So after shower and everything, I slept at 3am+. Then the next morning, we went out for breakfast and did a little shopping. 
And there's a sale going on then in Cotton On, 50% off! 
Source : www.jokideo.com

I had this delicious Mac Breakfast.

I tired this dress on from Factorie, which I didn't buy t because it was too pricey for me. But I really absolutely LOVE IT! So, if I'm fated to not own it then I shall let it be.

So I went online to search what are the free things you can take home. But I couldn't find any, so based on my experienced with different hotel rooms, I'll like to present you the ever first person to  blog about the free things you can get in a hotel room. I basically went around the hotel room and ransacked the whole hotel room to find free things you can get from it, I even went to the extend to ask my friends ' Can we bring this home? ' , ' Is it free? ' , ' Need to pay money or not ? '. I'll like to say that they're pretty much so done with me. HAHAHAHA!

If you like free things, this should be helpful for you.

• hotel slippers

• cotton wool
• cotton pads
• cotton bud
• tea packets
• sugar packets
• shower cap
• dental floss
• body wash
• shampoo
• conditioner
• body lotion
• mouth wash
• napkins/tissue
• creamer
• toothbrush/toothpaste
• waterbottle 
• notepads

Unless it is stated, otherwise it's free.

So this is an overview of the things you can bring home FREE from the hotel room. There's actually a shoe shine, but I'm not sure if you have to pay extra for it, so I left that out.

I even joked with my friends that I'm having a giveaway with the free things from the hotel. 

Hoped this helped somebody out there :)

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