23 June 2015


Hello! As stated in the title, I'm going to talk about keeping yourself motivated. For my case, it's studying. I despise studying so much that my hatred for it is off the meter! But this is life, if you've no qualification, you cannot get a good job. So, I have this MAJOR MAJORRR examination coming up that will affect my career, or worst, my life. If I screw up then that's it. GONE CASE! SAYONARA. GOOD BYE. So I NEED ( and MUST ) to buckle up and study study study.

So after trying all kinds of ways to keep myself motivated, I called this the ULTIMATE WAY aka the most desperate way.

| set your target | :

Ask yourself, what grade do you wanna get for each subjects you take. ( A? B? C? ) which school do you wanna enter after you graduate? If you know which school you want to enter then what course or subject do you wanna take?

| find motivational quotes |

Print or write it out and paste somewhere you can spot easily.

My math teacher said this :
' You cannot eat a year's quantity of rice in a day. You have to eat it everyday. '
#asians. But this touched me and I almost cried ( I don't know why. Maybe because I'm feeling kinda emotional that day? ). The quote means that you cannot study and digest everything you've learnt for the year in one day, you have to study cumulatively.

| create your own motivational quotes |

Paste it on a wall or somewhere youvisit  often, to keep yourself reminded that you have to study study STUDY!

Write something that will irk you to study. Maybe a low blow to yourself? Or saying ' you do not want to disappoint -somebody- ' , something along that line. 

That's all for now! Goodluck with your examinations ( if you're having one soon ).


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    1. I'm glad it helped you :D

      monentree x.