20 June 2015

Life lessons 101: Picky eaters

After a whole lot of drama, I realised the importance of blogging ( at least to me ). I learnt that through blogging, I'm sharing the memories made with my friends, family or even strangers. If I happened to pass away ( touchwood ), people can remember me through my blog. Here is a life lesson I learnt from these hectic days.

First off, my dad shared this story with me and my siblings. He was driving this passenger, she was an old lady ( 60 to 70 years old ). She asked my dad, ' Is your children picky when it comes to food? '

My dad said, ' I always taught them to eat everything that is prepared and on the dining table and do not choose what to eat. '

Then the lady shared her encounter with picky eater with my dad. She said her son was super damn rich, living in a private estate. One day, both her son and her daughter-in-law had to go overseas for work. But they have 2 sons, so the old lady went to their house to stayover night to take care of her grandsons. She wanted to prepare dinner for them but couldn't find any rice! WHY DOES RICH PEOPLE DOESN'T HAVE RICE?! At first I thought it was because they're too rich that they ate pasta, steak and all for their meals BUT NO!

Source: www.youtube.com

Intinctively, the old lady went to buy rice and all the ingredients from the market. So, when her grandsons ate the food she prepared. They actually had a stomach ache! They we in such pain that they were sent to the hospital! It turns out that the old lady's son was SO RICH that they ate organic food ( organic rice, organic vegetable etc ) for every meal. When the old lady bought normal rice and vegetable and all from the market, the grandsons cannot take it. Their body was not used to the normal rice we ate and resulted in stomach ache. They were hospitalised because they ate NORMAL rice. ( like whaaat? ). In the end, the old lady was so afriad to take care of her grandsons and refuses to take care of them because she is scared that something might happen to them under her care.

In conclusion, we shouldn't be picky on the food we aeag. Healthy is good, but TOO healthy isn't. And that is what I learnt... 

( is it me or do I sound like somebody who is too health conscious, trying to promote healthy lifestyle? AHAHAHA! Sorry, I had to. ) 

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