23 June 2015

Pinks-day : Fifty shades of PINK

( pink beauty products )
On 23rd June, it's Nation Pink Day! So to kind of celebrate it, I'm going to share with you guys all the pinky coloured I have in my possession. I spent more than 3 hours to take pictures, changing clothes after clothes and editing them, come... Come and clap for me *waves like a queenbee* 


Arghhh!!! Too much pink! *covers eyes *


Sleeveless tee ( H&M ).

Sheer tee

Currently in love with the owl necklace.
I asked my friends ( including my sister ) if the picture above was nice. Some said it was nice some said it was weird and I really come to the conclusion that different people have different fashion taste. So, we shouldn't be afraid to dress up in our own ' fashion sense '. 
PS: my sister said that the picture above has got no fashion sense. ...

You can wear it to the beach ( with swimsuit underneath ).

Don't ask me why, but I just found the blazer from my closet.

I haven't worn it out yet, but usually I wear it to sleep. AHAHA! >.<

Owl necklace from my cousin, cupcake ring from my sister and elongated necklace from Cotton On ( $5 )

I wouldn't wear this out ( too much pink for me ).


Pencil case, highlighter, hair grip, ear piece case
Pens, scissors, marker, mechanical pencil


Ear rings

Belts ( from Thailand )

Wallet ( Thailand ) and cross-body purse ( Taiwan ).

Platform shoes


( Rubi ) sport shoes

Sneakers ( Crocs )


Water bottle ( gift from my friends )

Even though pink is not my favorite color ( I don't have one ), but I think most things I have ( other than black ) are pink. I think I'm gonna take a break from pink for awhile. HAPPY NATIONAL PINK DAY! 

So what's your favorite color? 

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