30 June 2015

What I've learnt during the ( school ) holidays

During every journey of life, everybody makes mistakes or learnt something. Well, let's just say that I've learnt a few valuable life lessons during the one month school holiday.

#1 : Cherish and love everybody around you, especially your FAMILY and close FRIENDS.

#2 : Confrontation is the solution to every problems. Me and my friend were like friendniemies at a period of time. Our ' relationship ' were basically joking with each other and then the next moment, we were indirectly insulting each other. But I managed to confront her after a month or so AND be prepared to face the consequence(s) : AWKWARDNESS! I believed that even though we are awkward now, but in no time, we will be back to 'BFF' status again because we're both making the effort to talk to each other ( gossiping included ).

#3 : DO NOT DRINK LIME JUICE TO REDUCE SPICINESS. I learnt it the hard way... I was eating this plate of noodles with chilli, I know this is a perfect example of 'kay kiang' ( acting smart-alec in Singlish: Singapore+English language ). The chilli was spicy but I kept on adding the chilli sauce onto my spoonful of noodles before shoving it into my mouth. But then I cannot stand the spiciness and ( of course ) the first reaction was to reach for water and gulp it down. It really did work ( when I'm drinking ), but after that... OMG! There's basically steam coming out of my ears. The spiciness was enhanced in so many different ways! My tongue was on fire, even my throat was burning and it lingers. I just went to Google search, and 'wikihow' said that lemon or lime does help with easing the spiciness, but it doesn't for my case. Maybe it's the ingredient in the chilli or lime juice I consumed. But lesson learnt for me: SPICY + LIMEJUICE = BIG NO NO!

#4 : I have cooking skills
Well, let me tell you my story before judging me. Back to last year, I tired cooking an egg and guess what? It charred. HAHAHAHAHA! I CANNOT! I always thought this kind of scenario will only happen in books or television shows, but it really happens in real life. But I attempted to cook a simple dish for myself because I was STARVINGGGG and it turns out quite delicious ( for me ), everything is cooked and I did not get diarrhea today! That's good news right? 

#5 : How to keep myself motivated ( to study ) - want to know how? Click here : http://monentree.blogspot.sg/2015/06/how-to-motivate-yourself-to-study.html

#6 : I have a lot of items that is pink ( even though I don't have a favorite colour ).  - want to know more? Click here : http://monentree.blogspot.sg/2015/06/pinks-day-fifty-shades-of-pink.html

That's all for now, have a good day ahead :D

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