3 July 2015


Since today is 4th of July, today's blog would be on : 4 things I dislike and 7 bloggers/instagram accounts I look up to. Can you see the link between today's blog post and today's date? 04-07-2015 ( today's date ).

4 things I dislike:
1. Insects, especially ants.

It all happened when I was about 10 ( if I remembered correctly ), I was walking with my siblings along a pathway.

There were rows and rows or trees with blossomed flowers beside the pathway. Flowers were scattered on the grass patch and it was so pretty to my 10 year old self.

So I walked across the grass patch and picked up a flower. The next I knew was, the flower I had picked up has ants then I felt my legs itching, like something had crawled up my legs.

I looked down at my feet and saw millions of ants! I felt my goosebumps surfacing and instinctively, I threw the flower on the ground and ran the the pathway. Swiping all the ants to the ground with all my might, stomping on the ground, trying to shake the ants off my legs ( shake it off, shake it off ).
It's not leg hair, I'm not that hairy when I'm 10. HAHAHAHA! They are tiny little ants.

Fortunately and for me, all ants were removed from my legs. But unfortunately, a similar situation happened a year or two years ago. I HATE ANTS, I like the word ' hate ' is a strong word but my hatred towards ants is off the meter.

2. The subject PHYSICS.

Ironically, I took physics as one of my subject. I was stupid, because I thought that Physics was somewhat similar to Math and I was keyword : WAS kind of good in Math. So I chose Physics as one of my subjects and I regretted my decision. Now, I am struggling to pass Physics because I failed it for my most recent examination.

3. People who looked down on others.

I think this is kind of self-explanatory , so I am not going to elaborate on this.

4. Bathing/showering

I know this is kind of weird but I dislike bathing. I feel like bathing is a waste of time because everytime I shower, it's at night and I will always have to: brushing my teeth, strip naked,wash my own undergarment, rinse my body and hair, apply shampoo, rinse shamppo off my hair, apply conditioner, apply bodywash, rinse conditioner and bodywash, apply facial cleanser, wipe my body dry, wear clothes, bring dirtied clothes and washed undergarments into the laundry room, apply moisturiser, apply hair serum. 

See that? Those are the things I have to do EVERYDAY when I shower. Even I don't want to read all the long list of things I did. So this is why I dislike bathing.

7 blogger/instagram accounts I looked up to.
1. Tollydollyposh ( blogger )

She is younger than me ( 15 years-old ) but more successful and more talented than me. She even designed outfits, look at them!

She was also featured in many magazines, blogs and even went to BBC radio station for interview! Despite her fame, she's friendly!

2. Lauren Conrad ( blogger/author )
I think this is a no-brainer thing. She's successful and has tons of beauty related, DIY, fashion related blog post! 
She published not 1 but 7 books and has her own clothing line too!

I owned 2 books by her: 
Style and Beauty

3. The Beauty Department ( blogger )
Similar to LaurenConrad, The Beauty Department also has all the tutorials, makeups and many more! I personally look forward to their hair tutorials.

4. Whatdoesthegiraffeewear ( Instagram )

5. Stylincafe ( Instagram )
With her successful Instagram account, she started her own Youtube channel too.

6. Prettypicturesgirls ( Instagram )

7. Cocorosa

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