16 July 2015

Beauty Haul

Never have I thought that I will do a haul, especially beauty haul because I always buy different products at different timings. But today, I did some shopping and it made my knee hurts ( sign of ageing ).

Warning: The following content made me sound too beauty guru for my liking.

So the first thing I grabbed from a drug store was the pimple cream because CLEARLY I needed one and it just happened that I finished mine.

It all happened when I was 12, preparing for my graduation night. But my pimplesssss chose the wrong timing ( as always ) to make it's appreance ( yay! ). So I went to a pharmacy and took a random pimple cream, hoping that it would help subside my pimple as soon as possible. Of course the pimple cream didn't work as fast as possible, because the day I bought was the day of my graduation night. HAHAHA! How can a pimple cream work in less than 3 hours? And the pimple cream I took when I was 12, was the current one I'm using :D

If you've read my post on my ' 2014 holiday routine ', I had mention about it before. The pimple cream is pigmented and has a nude colour, which I always use it as a concealer, hoping to cover up all my pimples, but no, it doesn't really cover everything ( some only ). But I still really like it because it really does subside the pimples ( for me ).

I got this facial scrub next, like the pimple cream, I am going to finish the current one hence I had to restock it.

I am currently using this, and it has tiny beads to exfoliate your face. Chose a different flavour/scent/fruit because I wanted to experiment more to test out which works well for my skin.


I used to not use toner, but I am going to start using it from today onwards. Why? you might asked. Well, I attended this social etiquette lesson ( for a day ) and the instructor taught us that we have to use cleanser, toner and moisturizer everyday, so yeah that basically explains everything right? 

Cotton balls for application of toner.

Cleanser because my current one is going to finish soon ( like the others ).

If you're wondering, this is the cleanser I am currently using.

A night moisturizer. 
Basically there is a difference between night and day moisturizer and both has different functions. The night one is more moisturizing than the other, and the night one is supposedly to be more moisturizing to hydrate out face when we're sleeping ( like a pig, for me )

Okay guys, let me share with you what happened when I got home ( if you're interested ). When I got home from my beauty and groceries shopping with my family, I was in a rush to put everything in their places. BUT! As I was handling with a dozen of eggs. NOPE I DIDN'T DROPPED IT. I was carefully placing the eggs one by one in the frigde ( well that's what I was hoping to ), but when the first egg I took was very stiff in it's ' position ' and I couldn't take it out. Insticntively, I use a larger force to force the egg out then CONGRATULATIONS I broke the egg with one hand. 

LET ME EXPLAIN... It wasn't my fault! Firstly, the egg was being too stubborn to move and the egg shell was too fragile and thin ( thinner than normal eggs )! Hence, it broke. Guess what happened next? I got scolded by my mother. HAHAHAHAHAH!

I really hope all the products I picked out really works for my face ( except for the pimple cream ). That's all for now :)

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