25 July 2015

Haircut nightmare, obsession with Korean Drama, voluntary work and more!

Hello guys! This is just an update on what's going on recently and I think this is the longest title you've ever came across.

I've been so obsessed with this korean drama that I finished it ( 20 episodes ) in 4 days! THAT'S MY NEW RECORD! I cannot explain why I liked it but, honestly the drama made me tear up. It's just perfect *wipes tears*. So if you're into romance, comedy, psychological and mystery, then that's the one you're looking for. I introduced the drama to my friend and she said it was good. SEE?! I TOLD YOU IT'S GOOD! Ohhh, by the way if you're interested, it's called ' Kill Me, Heal Me '. Apparently, this guy had mutiple personality disorder in other words, he has many personalities. I should be studying during this exam period but I've been really into this drama that I just cannot stop watch it. :,)

I did voluntary work last Saturday. It's basically distributing the SG50 funpack to the residence. Door by door, each level by each level, though it's tiring but it was fun! :D I even received drinks from two households to reward us for our hardwork ( how kind of them ).

Boxes of items we were supposed to distribute.

 Am I was in Team E :)

Went for a hair cut two days ago and I'll just be very honest with you. I TOTALLY REGRET MY DECISION! OMG! Apparently I told the hairdresser that I wanted her to cut my hair till my collar bone. She kept snipping, * snip snip *, and pieces of hair kept falling and falling onto the ground. I thought it was short enough, but apparently it was not to her, so she continued cutting my hair . Hence now, my hair is SHORT! I'm saying it's short because it really is! Not because I cut away 5cm of my hair, but rather about 15-20cm of my hair!! I tied my hair into a ponytail and it looked like a Bulldog's tail ( I'm serious!! ). And I decided I'm not going to visit the salon anytime soon, probably 2 years later #traumafromhaircut.
My long lost hair T.T

Let's just commemorate my long hair

Made a background myself for the first time.
I was bored ( during exam period, HA! ) and I was like ' Hmmm... What should I do? '. Then this pop up in my head then this came along. ( MAGIC ). Is it nice? HAHAHAHA!

I also changed my wallet to this ...
Long story short, I dropped my phone and wallet BOTH, into a pail of water ( with chlorine ). Luckily my phone is still working * tears of happiness * THANK GOD! But my previous wallet was soaked and has lingering chlorine smell, so I decided it was time to change it. 

Other than all these significant things, nothing really special or something big has happened because I've been busy preparing for my ongoing examinations ( what a joke ). That's all :)


  1. I wanna cut my hair in the same length too... I will do it when I get back from holidays :)

    Angie from www.beautyydust.blogspot.gr ♥

    P.S: I followed you on Bloglovin ^.^

  2. Oh wow, I'm sure it would look good on you. Did you enjoy your holiday? :)
    Thanks for the follow :D x