13 July 2015

New Glasses

Hello e-ve-ry-bo-dy!! Guess what? I just collected my new glasses
because my myopia has increased ( again ), oppsie daisy! 

Old glasses

New glasses

Once I wore the new one, it was so clear I could read words from far! It's basically as clear as a crystal ( wrong usage of phrase here ), hahaha! Bling bling. In the past, I used to be able to read within reading distance, 10cm away from it ( reading distance ) then BOOM! I cannot dechipher any words, digits or even my friends and family. Heh :p .

Currently, the degree was 275 ( for both eyes ), the last time I checked before this was 175. IT INCREASED A HUNDRED! When the optician told me that, I was so shocked/stunned/surprised ( any word along the line that you can think of ). 

Okay guys, I'm going to take care of my eyes starting from today. I shall stop using my phone in the dark, while laying down or WORST using it in the dark and laying down.

That's all for now :D


  1. Love the glasses dear!