8 July 2015

'Inside Out' inspired outfits

Hello everybody :) Have you watched the recent Disney Pixar movie called 'Inside Out'? Yes? No? Well... But I haven't, I'm still waiting for it to be released here, in Singapore though. Obviously, I cannot wait for it to be released here, hence this post.

Let me introduce you to the characters. Basically these ( picture below ) are the emotions inside our body. 
( source : http://www.insideout-games.com )
Fear, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Anger. ( left to right ). Personally I like the character Fear because he is so silly and funny ( to me ). You should go check out the trailer for this movie, it's interesting.

Let me break down the colour scheme,
Fear : purple colour
Sadness : blue colour
Joy : yellow colour
Disgust : green colour
Anger : red color

As I did not have any clothing that is in the colour purple or yellow ( other than my big bird pajamas tee ), so I replaced them with white and black instead.

Black and white

(Plus brown???)

Black and red

Black and blue
It's the same black dress in the previous outfit. It's just that I tucked the dress into the shorts and wore it as a shirt instead.

Black and blue + red
Just imagine that there's a wind blowing on my flannels. Hahahah!

Nope, I don't have thigh gaps, I was bending my knees to fit into the picture.

Why not tie a knot? ( that rhymes!) 

Green and black
I wore the black dress ( again ) as the base and wore the green shirt over it.

Is it me or does the picture above reminds me of this old lady from Tom and Jerry?

Close enough. Hahahahahahaa!! OH MY GOD even the pose is similar! ( source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammy_Two_Shoes )

Let me end off with a question:
Which character from Inside Out is your favorite? 

That's all for now :D


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