21 July 2015

| OUTFIT | feminine and casual

I recently added a new skirt into my ' skater skirt ' collection. Well, I only have 1... 2... 3...

So, does that considered as a collection with 3 skater skirts? But anyways, I paired it with other clothings and came out with an outfit ft. the skirt ( from Cotton On ).

The skirt is flowy, has daisy prints all over, lightweight and made me want to dance in it ( but I didn't because I was hungry ).

( bald spot game strong guys )

A simple outfit which I would wear it to the beach, picnic or town ( maybe? ). Can't wait to wear it out but I'm having my prelims now. Going to count down to the day I can officially burn all my textbooks and graduate :D, and then I'm going to party ( in my bedroom :,) ).

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That's all for now ( I need to study )!


  1. Really great post! Have a nice day:)


    1. Thank you so much! Your reply made my day :D. You too :)))

  2. This is a cute outfit and totally suits you!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs