2 August 2015

BREAK FREE ( from vegan life )

OMG GUYS!! I FINALLY CAN EAT MEAT! For the past 49 days, I'm supposed to avoid meat but now, I finally can consume it! At the same time I lost 2kg ( that's a lot ) because I am vegan for 49days.

So my family along with my relatives gathered and ate scrumptious meals that includes fish, meat, vegetables, crab and more. It was my very first fest after 49days.

Crayfish that I'm cray-ing ( craving ) - pun intended.

At the first bite, I felt that I was in HEAVEN! I didn't know a regular chicken wing was that delicious until I stopped eating them for 49 days. Everything I used to eat was strict, I could not even eat processed food or snacks that has animal ingredient like fish paste or any other ingredients that is found in animals.

My very first chicken rice ( after 49 days ).

I think after eating all these high-in-calories food will make me gain my 2kg back and that would be going back to square one. After all those suffering, I finally got to lose 2kg. I sounded like I became vegan to lose weight, but before you think it that way, NO I AM NOT. I did it for religious purposes...

Back then, I became so used to consuming only vegetables and vegan meat and all that it felt weird to eat meat again. Maybe I should introduce vegan food into my meals again but not as strict as before? Maybe I should eat food that does not contain meat in school but during dinner? I don't know, but somehow I will introduce it back into my meals.

That's all for now.

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