1 August 2015

July Playlist

Oh hellooooooo people! It's me again, I've been blogging a lot lately huh? Well, what can I say? Maybe it's because I suddenly have plenty of things to blog about and have more time, as compared to the previous weeks. 

Is it a tad bit late for me to blog about this? Am I? I hope not...

Anyways, it's finallyAugust and we're 4 months away from Christmas! ( can you hear the bells ringing? ). I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! My July Playlist has more korean music because ( as I mentioned in my previous blog post ), I recently finished a korean drama, so I'm exposed to the OST and liked them hence there will be a mixture of OSTs and Kpop. So without further adiu, here are lists of my favorite songs in July.

• Don't forget - Baek Ji Young
• I want to go back in time - Kim Bo Kyung
• If you - Big Bang
• Let's go on a road trip - Lee Seung Gi
• Remember - APink
• Tears stolen the heart - Ailee
• Unspeakable secret - Moon Myun Jin
• Up and down - Exid
• Shake it - Sistar
• Auditory Hallucination - Jung Jae In

• Uptown funk - Bruno Mars
• Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly
• Dear no one - Tori Kelly
• Come Home - One Republic
• Boss - Fifth Harmony
• Earned it - The Weekend
• Fire N Gold - Bea Miller 
• Who are you - Fifth Harmony
• Little do you know - Alex and Sierra

•下雨天 - 南拳妈妈 

It's been long since I last took a selfie, so I'll just put this here...

Say goodbye to long hair and hello to short hair.

That's all for now.

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