4 August 2015


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Hello people of the world... As stated in the title, today is my blog, Monentree's birthday! 

Well, I forgotten about it until 3+pm and sadly I didn't prepare anything to celebrate it. I was so sad and worried because I did not prepare any special blog post just for today because I was so caught up with my preliminary examination that I totally forgot about it and Monentree's birthday was thrown to me all of a sudden like BOOM!(SHAKALAKA).

This balloon was given from my friends on my birthday last month and I have to admit, it is very handy in this kind of situation. HAHAHAHA!!

It is impossible to bake a cake all of a sudden ( with no ingredients and all ), or start a party ( which I don't plan to ), so after much consideration ( with the help of my friend ), this post is about the "history" of Monentree :)

Back in 4th August 2014 ( one year ago ), I started my second blog and it's name is Monentree :). I used to have another blog called "no-nameeeee" but somehow I deleted it because it was more on me ranting and indirect-ing to people I have something against with. But I thought it was time to start afresh, delete "no-nameeeee", started " Monentee " and wrote my first blog post.

Then I started on my FIRST:
- Fashion-related blog post in 21st October ( LINK HERE )
- Monthly favorite which I stopped ( LINK HERE )
(do let me know if I should "resume" my monthly favorites)

Shifted house in 2nd December so... 
- Room tour ( LINK HERE )
- ( school ) holiday routine ( LINK HERE )
- Food related post ( LINK HERE )
- Advertisement for blogshop... or is it called Instagramshop? Instashop? ( LINK HERE
- Guide to the presents for her ( LINK HERE )
- Monthly playlist ( LINK HERE )
- Beauty haul ( LINK HERE

Whether it's my first ever comment received, first blog post on different "genre", first award ( The Versatile Blogger Award ), Monentree would not be here if it wasn't for all the support I received. My parents did not have a clue about Monentree and my cousin and sister said my blog is, and I quote "lame" ,  BUT , I am really grateful for my friends around me who gave me unconditional support. Of course there are times I wanted to quit blogging because it seemed dead, like nobody is reading, but after my first comment received, it made me so relieved and at the same time, motivated to continue...

Okay, that is enough for emotional speeches. I will continue to work harder! :D

That's all for now.

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