7 August 2015

Packing for 2 days 1 night getaway

I am going to stayover night ( with my family ) at a resort, hence I am packing for the trip.

I am going to bring along this blue bagpack.

After I packed 1 set of pajamas, 1 set of undergarments and a set of outfit for the next day, I stuff it inside a sheer pouch to maximize the given space so that I still can stuff more things inside it.

Here is a trick, first you fold the t-shirt or pants or towel, the normal way. Then you ROLL it. Easypeasy lemon squeezey. 

Then I put it in...

My essentials eg. Lipbalm, hand sanitizer, band aid and more...

Not to forget, my towel.

Since it's only for a night, I did not prepare my nightcream. Instead, I replaced it with facial mask which I can throw after used.

Packed my ear piece which is in the pink compartment( I NEED music ), sunglasses, my pouch/wallet and toiletries.

And I am good to go!


  1. That cat bag is adorable!

    I've nominated you in the Liebster Award tag, there's a post about it on my blog! xox http://bambyfox.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thank you so much!! Sorry for the late reply too :/