13 September 2015


OH MY GOD! You guys have no idea much I miss blogging!  ( T.T ). Anyways, tomorrow is my last paper!! ( YASSS! ). If I take any more tests or exams, I will seriously go HAYWIRE!

I'll resume with something I enjoyed the most during my hiatus. Several weeks ago, during September ( I guess ), my aunt had organised this mini BBQ party and invited my family to her condominium. There are swimming pools and obviously I made full use of the facilities there.

Let's just take a moment and appreciate how beautiful the pool is.♡♡♡♡

My sister and I shared money to rent this pizza float and it took us approximately 30 minutes to inflat this float - this is no joke guys - by the time we inflated it, our arms were sore.

Got into one of the jacuzzis.

( ft. my aunt's feet )

Then I went for a shower and then, highlight of the day was *drumroll* : 


What's a barbecue without the finale aka roasting marshmallows. 

So I am back and I look forward to what I will be posting in the future :) 

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