19 November 2015

Getting Ready for Prom

Hey hey hey...! Another prom-related blog post again. As stated in the title, I'll be blogging about me getting ready for prom.

Getting ready for prom means perfect makeup, perfect hairstyles, the perfect outfit and MUSIC!

Starting with shopping trips, these are the things I bought for prom. Dress + heels + cosmetics + accessories + ... = $150++

Also, do remember to wear your newly bought shoes with a thick socks to loosen the heels/shoes so that your feet does not hurt that much :)

A day before the prom, I painted my nails with this coppery-red color to glam up my fingers.

Getting ready will be super boring without music, so here's a playlist I listen to when I get ready for prom. 
A mixture of korean and english songs that makes you want to sing and dance along...

So let's quickly get into makeup because ILOVEMAKEUP.
1. Lip balm
2. Base: BB cream
3. Eye shadow: dome-shape ( taupe brown ), center of the eyelid - just above the eyelashes ( shimmery pink )
4. Contour: taupe brown ( eyeshadow )
5. Eyeliner: winged
6. Eyelashes: curl it and apply mascara
8. Blusher: smile :D
9. Highlight: inner corner of the eyes and cupids bow ( silver shimmery eyeshadow )
10. Eyebrow: fill in the ' bald spots ' ( dark brown )
11. Lip: apply on the center of the lips then blend it out with fingers.
12. Contour ( again ): just under the cheekbones ( taupe brown eyeshadow )

( the makeup doesn't look obvious in the photo D: )

I left my hair as it is because I was going to be late...
After 3 hours of preparations, I am finally done and made my way to the location where my prom is held. 

How do I look?


  1. eyeliner goals literally loved the way you showed each product you use great post just followed

    1. Awww... Thank you:) and I followed back too.