16 December 2015

[UPDATED]Liebster Award ( Christmas Edition )

Long time ago, before I went on hiatus, I was nominated by Amber Jeffery ( check out her blog ) in the Liebster Award tag. Since this month's theme is CHRISTMAS, hence I kind of change this tag to fit into this theme.

Basically there are some rules to follow...

  • Once nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers who have 200 followers or less who you think are worthy of the award
  • Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 10 questions asked to you by the person who nominated you and create 10 questions for your nominees
( kind of just copying and pasting the rules from Amber's blog )


I would like to thank Amber for nominating me :) . At least I know that somebody out there is actually reading my blog  * smiley face with cold sweat *

Let's move on to answer the questions first before revealing who I will be nominating.

#1 : Skirts or trousers?
Trousers - because every time when the weather gets colder, my knees will start to hurt. My friends said I have an old lady's body, which I kind of agree to a certain extend. Since it's the Christmas season, the weather is getting colder and there will be more rainy days. Hence I opt for trousers - to keep my knees insulated. hehhh... But trousers are a vain! I feel that they restrict my movements and for some reasons, they are SO difficult to remove! However, I still chose trousers instead of skirt due to the purpose of keeping my knees warm. If it wasn't for Christmas, I would choose skirts ( especially flowy skirts ) instead.

#2 : If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Fawn - nobody will eat me except the predators like tigers, lions, snakes etc. There is also a restriction saying that it is illegal to hunt deer under a certain age. Since fawn is a baby deer, people cannot hunt me for meat. Furthermore, they are cute and pretty much harmless. :)

#3 : What was the last thing you bought?
The last item I bought? With my money or my parent's money? I just went to a supermarket near my house and bought kimchi. Recently, I've been into Korean food, beauty, drama, songs etc. So instinctively, I bought kimchi because I find that everything with kimchi is super delicious. I even tried kimchi with biscuits and enjoy it. If it's not my parent's money then the last thing I bought was MacDonald's Apple Pie. Why? Because I was hungry and a little snack for myself was pretty much needed at that moment.

#4 : Sweet or savoury?
Savoury - too much sweet will result in diabetes. On top of that, I feel that there are more selections of savoury foods than sweet foods. 

#5 : What's your one must have beauty item?
Moisturiser - my face will get flaky if I don't moisturise my face. Even if I do not have any facial cleanser, I can use my body wash to cleanse my face instead ( which I will most probably not do it ever ). But since I have to choose one and the weather nowadays is getting colder ( repeating the phrase again ), my must have beauty item will be facial moisturiser. Without it, I think my skin will be so tight that it may break even when I smile.

#6 : What was the last thing you googled?
' Harry Potter costumes ' - there will be a chalet held by one of my distant relatives and there is a theme for it, which is " superheroes ". I discovered that most superheroes are from Marvels and I thought that Harry Potter is also a hero ( in my eyes ) and it would be kind of easy to dress up as him. Okay now, the last thing I Googled was ' is Harry Potter a superhero ' because I am very curious about it. Ohhh... It turns out that Harry Potter is a hero, but not a SUPERhero. * sigh * It's okay Harry...

#7 : Favourite film?
Merry Christmas Mr Bean - my favorite childhood actor! I believe that I watched all his films already and all of them never fails to amuse me. I like the way he say " Bean " whenever someone asked for his name. I love him a lot!!!             

#8 : Favourite sandwich filling? 
Tuna! - ILOVEIT.

#9 : Cats or dogs?
Both - but if I really have to choose one of those, then I will pick dogs because doggies are such a cutiepie and they are so fun to play with and the list goes on. 

#10 : What's your favourite thing about blogging?
That will be the satisfaction of posting new blog posts - after working so hard on one blog post, taking pictures and editing them, you get to finally publish it. There are times where I faced difficulties trying to think of new ideas for my next blog post, but all those worries vanished when I get to publish a new one. So my favourite thing about blogging will be pressing the ' Publish ' button.

*drum roll* 
Now for the nominees :

My questions:
#1. Favourite makeup item?
#2. Do you prefer to cook or wash the dishes?
#3. Do you prefer to take naps or sleep in?
#4. Have you bought any Christmas presents already? If yes, who have you bought for?
#5. Best compliment received?
#6. Favourite holiday? ( Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc )
#7. What's on your Christmas wishlist?
#8. Who is the hardest present to buy for?
#9. Wrapping papers or paper bags?
#10. What is your favourite gift received? ( Birthday gift, Christmas gift etc )

I was nominated by another lovely person, Weronika ( check out her blog ). I'll just jump straight into her questions because I  Q&A

1. Favourite book?
I finished a book quite recently and it is called ' I've Got Your Number ' by Sophie Kinsella. I laughed while reading the book - so funny! Many unexpected situations and plot twists... There are many positive reviews about the book too! If you are interested, here is the book review ( LINK ). I would like to mention another book. It is by the same arthur and the title is called ' Can You Keep A Secret? ' ( book review ). This book is the first novel I read by this arthur... Similarly to I've Got Your Number, this book is also funny and made me laughed too -  I even stayed up late to read them! Not gonna lie, I am obsessed with romance-comedy books. I feel that you should definitely give these books a try because why not? Do leave a comment if you're going to read the books and feel free to share with me how you feel about them :D

2. What you love about winter
Actually, I live in a tropical country - which kind of sucks because I don't get to experience winter :( But that's okay because one day I will travel to a seasonal country... If I were to experience it, I would definitely want to witness snows falling and play snowball fights!!

3. What's your Winter wardrobe must have ?
That would be thick jackets, pants and socks because I get cold easily so I will need thick clothings to keep my body insulated. There are times whereby I felt cold but everyone else seem to feel otherwise - this always confuses me if the weather is cold or warm and I am still waiting for an answer to my question.

4. Jumpers or hoodies?
Hoodies! I feel that anyone who wears a hoodie gives off a badass vibe - SWAG. On top of that, I feel that it is also very easy to put clothes together and create a casual outfit.

5. What do you think about Christmas Jumpers ?
I feel that wearing Christmas jumpers is one of the way to build up the festive spirit and it would be awesome if I own some and wear them everyday... Then I will show off my ho ho ho jumpers to my friends via Snapchat. HAHAHAHAHA!

6. Favourite Christmas song
Hmmmm.. This is a tricky question because I love Christmas songs. But if I have to pick one then... I will choose ' All I Want For Christmas Is You '. Why? Because the song is classic and classic is gold!

7. Where would you want to live?
I've never thought of that... Oh!! I want to live underwater! I know I sound crazy right now but how cool is that?! Waking up to sea creatures everyday. Hope that some architecture will build apartments that is underwater. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? ~

8.  Favourite Christmas memory
In the past, my family - including my cousins - had exchanged presents during Christmas. We would buy the presents and on Christmas day, we brought them to our gathering. Then we decide who is the receiver of which present through lucky draw. We stop doing that already - which saddens me because I had fun giving and receiving them. We would also wear Santa hat, drink sparkling water - because we were too young for alcoholic drinks, eating log cake and the list goes on... 

9. Your go to Winter beauty products
Facial moisturiser to keep my face moisturised and flaky-free.

10. Favourite Winter beverage
HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! Since I am talking about it now, I kind of crave for it at the moment...


  1. You are so lovely! Thank you again! By the way- I adore your blog and your style. You’re adorable. <3

    1. Welcome :)) Enjoy your holiday! :D

  2. Thank you so much, you literally made my whole day! It's so sweet of you to have taken the time to pop over to my little corner of the internet :)

    I really love your blog, it's amazing to just have a read of it at the end of a long day <3

    1. You're welcome! I totally can relate how you felt... Goodluck and enjoy your holiday!

  3. Thank you for nominating me <3 I've also nominated you


    1. You're welcome! I'll answer your questions on this blog post :D Enjoy your holiday ;)