6 November 2015

The Ticket

Hey hey hey...! Recently blogging was a tad bit boring to me because everybody seem to be posting the same thing, copying one another or maybe its the fact that I have not blog for a long time *shrugs*. While I was bathing, two nights ago, I was thinking ' okay, what shall I do so that blogging is not boring to me anymore... ' . Then I thought of this korean drama that I am currently watching, whereby the actors work in a magazine company and they had to burn midnight oil to publish an issue. So I thought ' alright, maybe I can have an ' issue ' too... But instead of posting montly, why not have a theme for every month and blog about things that are related to that theme. ' VOILA! There you have it, the theme for this month is : PROM!

I received the prom ticket from my classmate - nope he did not invite me, I had to pay for my own prom ticket and the theme for this prom is Black and Gold.

Received this golden ticket during the examination period.

One day I decided to clean my room and clear all the subject books and papers that I already do not need it.

Favorite part of my room ❣❣❣

So, I found out that I lost my prom ticket, 2 days later, which I named it as ' Ticky '. I searched my whole room but could not find it. I thought I had accidentally threw it away while I was reorganising my room and I even prepared a speech for my teacher to inform him that had I lost Ticky :,( . He told me that I still can attend the prom but I cannot participate in the lucky draw. The worst part was one of the prizes is a Universal Studio Singapore ( USS ) ticket and I never once been there before!!

oh my Ticky...

Eventually, after my last paper, I searched my whole room again... 




My prayers were heard! 
( source : https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/amen-meme )

Now I have a chance to win the prize to USS! 
( source: http://makeameme.org/meme/yassss )

Lesson learnt: do not put important things in between your books! Put them in a drawer or somewhere you can spot easily so that you will not accidentally throw it away...

That is all for now ;)

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