22 November 2015

What's Inside My Bag? ( Prom Edition )

Another issue for me while preparing for prom would be fitting as many things in my bag. I thought that many girls out there may face the same problem as I did too, hence to all the girls who are preparing for their upcoming prom, this may be useful for you.

#1: Pick the right size
You may want to consider the ' right size ' of your purse/bag that you are going to bring along with you. The right size means that you can fit some blotting sheets, phone, cash/cards, mints, some cosmetics, safety pins, bobby pins, band-aid, prom ticket ( if any ).

For my prom, I brought this gold metallic sling-bag. It seems small but I managed to fit quite a number of things inside.

#2 : Limit the number of things you want to bring along
Things like water bottle, umbrella, your whole collection of cosmetics takes up a lot of space, so limit the number of items in your bag to maybe less than 10.
1. Mini makeup bag 2. Earpiece 3. Wallet 4. Keys 5. Hair Elastic 6. Bobbypins 7. Napkins 

In my makeup bag...

#3 : Fit them in
After you've decided which item you want to bring along, then it's time to fit all those things into your purse/bag.

If you still cannot fit all the items inside, then decide again - which are the items that you will most probably use during your prom.

Once again, I hope that this may be useful to some of you out there. Male sure you enjoy your prom and take lots of pictures!!! * insert camera emoji * 

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