5 December 2015

Christmas Room Decoration

Hello everyone!! I thought that it is appropriate to share with you guys how I decorate my room for Christmas because the only way to get yourself into the festive spirit is to decorate your room!

I bought all these decorations from Daiso Japan, whereby it sells almost everything for $2.  

Wrapped some empty boxes with Christmas wrapping papers to spice up my room and added a funky ( what do you call that? ) plastic garland?? OHHH! It's called a tinsel...

Pinned up one Christmas stocking, some pictures and my DIY-ed advent calendar on a cord board.

Every morning, I will basically tear off half of the post-it/sticky note to count down to Christmas. Different activities were written on each post-it.

There is nothing much actually, because my family don't really celebrate Christmas ( it's okay :,) ), but everytime I enter my room and look at those decorations, I will immediately smile like a crazy woman and be like ' it's so pretty *.* ' . 

The funny thing is, on the night I decorate my room, I had 2 nightmares and another 2 dreams.. Funny huhh? I am not too sure why that happened because I have never dreamt so much since I moved house and I am starting to think that one of those decorations is spiritual? ( hope not :/ ). Luckily, it did not happen for the other nights because I will definitely freak out! 

Can't wait for next year's Christmas because I will be decorating my room again ( HAHAHAHAHA ). My room is the only ' area ' that is decorated for Christmas. Can you belive it?! I guess my family isn't much of a festive person... But that is alright. Also, I will try even harder to go all out when decorating my room next year because the advent calendar and the decorations seemed to clash. :/ ( did not plan to decorate my room while making the advent calendar ).

That's all for now, are you pumped up for Christmas already? ;)


  1. Your DIY advent calendar is so cute and creative - i also like how it doesn't have chocolate because I would much rather receive a cute message for everyday! xxx love your blog!


  2. Thank you so much! I agree with you though, the advent calendars I saw in the Internet are mostly chocolates.
    Enjoy your holiday!


  3. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.