16 December 2015

Makeup and Hairstyle

It took me this loooooong to finally post this blog post. I've always wanted to publish a Christmas makeup and hair tutorial since last month but I cannot find the time to actually purchase the cosmetics ( which does not break my bank ), ' photoshoot ' and edit them. But FINALLY I did it! On the other hand, I am also very nervous about this post because I am not a pro with makeup and I will be revealing how rubbish I am after this intro so do forgive me if I did a bad job.

Basically the focus on this makeup look is the simplicity. When it comes to makeup for a party or grand celebration, us, women, would tend to put more makeup than usual. At the end of the day, we will feel fatigue but still have to remove our makeups. Therefore, I tried to make this look as easy as possible because to me, putting so much effort in makeup will be wasted because we will have to remove them later.


Starting off with a thin layer of BB cream because ' it's all about that base ( bass ) ' - sorry, I had to.

Next, apply eye primer.
Then black eyeliner ( winged eye )
Use a white eye pencil/eyeliner on the lower waterline ( elongate it to the black eyeliner such that the white is below the black ) and on the inner corners of the eyes. Draw another line on top of the black eyeliner with a gold eye pencil/eyeliner. So you should have three lines by now...

Okay... I've illustrate the eyeliners for you guys to visualise.
Black: classic winged eye
Gold: above the black winged eye
White: below the black winged eye + inner corners of the eyes + lower waterline

Curl those lashes
and apply mascara.
Smile and add colours to your cheeks with blusher.
Apply red with orange undertone lipgloss.
And finish the makeup look by filling in your brows.

Simple enough? You don't have to blend any eyeshadow or do any smokey-eye. You can just forget about the eyeshadow for this makeup look! :D


I have no idea how am I going to explain this tutorial...

Firstly, part your hair - however you like - into 2 sections. For me, I part my hair a little off center - towards my left. 

Take a section of your hair and divide it into 3 parts.

Start to dutch braid it... 

Okay... I shall explain it like that. Let's label the section nearest to your forehead #1, the middle one #2 and the section furthest away from your forehead #3.

Twist #1 under #2. Twist #3 under #1( which was in the middle ). Pick up some hair to #2 ( which is now nearest to your forehead ). Twist #2 under #3. Twist #1 under #2. Pick up some hair to #3 ( which is now nearest to your forehead ). Twist #3 under #1. Twist #2 under #1. Pick up some hair to #1 ( which is now nearest to your forehead ). 

( source: http://www.americancheerleader.com/ )

Found a tutorial online. I hope this is useful...

After you've dutch braid until you are satisfied, then end off with a normal braid and bobby pin it on the crown of your head. Repeat for the other side and you're done! If you don't want to let your hair down, you can always finish off with a low pony tail...

hehhh.. Do you get it? I think this is the  simplest way I can think of to explain this hair tutorial. In summary, you only pick up hair for the sections that is nearest to your forehead. Okay... Even I am confused now.

The finished look...
( where's the gold eye pencil I applied?? )

A little bit of the behind-the-scene.

That's all for now... Enjoy your holiday!! ;)


  1. I love this look! I've never seen somebody do their eyeliner like that before but it's very subtle but stylish at the same time! x


    1. Thank you so much!! I was very worried that nobody will like the look. But I feel so relieve after reading your comment. :))