3 January 2016

How To Start A New Year

Hellooo!! It's me ( again ). Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Secondly, this is my first time having a blog collaboration with another blogger. This post is a collab with Aiko ( YAY! ), she did a blog post on her New Year's Resolution for 2016. Do check out her blog! I really like her a lot ( even though I've not met her, but my gut feeling told me that she is a nice and pretty blogger + Youtuber ). Ohhh!.. Do check out her Youtube channel and make sure to subscribe! ( LINK HERE )

Secondly, you all must want to start the year right - so that 2016 will not suck -that's why you are reading this blog post right? So I've came up with some tips for you guys to welcome 2016 ;)

#1 : Clean Your Room
Simple enough - a new year, a new and clean bedroom. Cleaning my room and changing my bed sheet makes me feel like my life is ' begining ' somehow - if that makes any sense to you?? But I do recommend you guys to do that. Clean everything - your wardrobe/closet, your desk - just EVERYTHING!

I decorated my wall with some DIYS and I am TOTALLY LOVING IT! ♡♡♡♡
( Will be showing you that on my next post. )

#2 : Let Go
' let it go let it go... Don't hold them back anymore... ' - sorryI had to. Just like what I've quoted from the song, just let it go - don't hold onto any grudges ( kind of guilty in this area, but I added this in my new year resolution list ). I feel that holding onto the past make someone continue to live in them, like... they cannot breakthrough from it. Do you agree with me? Or is this another weird analogy of mine? If someone keeps holding onto the past - especially the bad things that happened to them or the words that made them unhappy - then they are more likely to be unhappy. This is like a beam balance system, the more you hold grudges, the unhappier you are. Therefore, letting go is also one of the many ways to start the year right.

#3 : Invest in a Planner
I am actually going to do that - probably after I finish this post. Investing in one is going to make your life more organised! If getting organised - or something along this line - is in your 2016 New Year Resolution list, then you should definitely invest in one. Or you can DIY one - which can help you save a lot of money ( $$ ). 
' If you can't afford them, make them! If you can't make them, buy them! ' - Monentree ( HAHAHAHA ).

#4 : Take Care of Yourself
Meaning: have more time for yourself, exercise more, sleep earlier ( guilty of that too ), eat healthier... I always stay up late and neglect my bedtime ( 1am earliest, 5:30am latest ) because of one problem, and that is my PHONE. I'm sure any of you out there also have the same situation whereby these devices are stopping you from sleeping early. So I've decided to sleep earlier ( and bathe earlier ) so that I will thank myself in the future - because I don't want to age quickly. In order to away from my phone, I decided to read books or doddle instead.

#5 : Set Goals for Yourself
Okay... Maybe this is a little mixture of bucket list and new year resolution. But set goals for yourself for this year or maybe for every month! Maybe you want to finish a book in a month or... I don't know, anything you want to do. Setting goals not only can make you feel satisfied with yourself after you achieved it, it will also make you feel that there is a purpose in life. 
I wrote one for myself.

#6 : Live Your Life
As important as listening to advice and improving youself, you should live your life and not let anybody's words change you. Don't change the way you wear because somebody told you that your fashion sense sucks ( someone told me that, period ). This person told me the clothes I wear is ugly but I didn't let the person's comment affect me. UNTIL one day, I saw a group picture with me wearing the worst outfit ever!! I swear to god, it the worst! I don't even want to remember or know where the photo is now. Pray to god that the photo is gone forever.. So from that day onwards, I continuously improve my ' fashion sense ' by getting inspirations from the Internet and social media ( all the OOTDs ). Fun fact: I still have those clothes I wore on that day, but I wear them differently by pairing with other pieces. You see what I mean? Don't throw away all your clothes because of one person ( plus it will be so expensive to build up your entire closet again ).

#7 : Find A Hobby
You know when everyone asks you this question and you cannot answer them... I've been through this before. It's okay. We're all in this together. Recently, I've gotten myself into the baking world and also the drawing world. I'm not the best at drawing and my sister said my drawing is ugly when I showed her. 
Like I said, I'm not good at drawing but I still do it - not that anyone will see the entire book of doodles.
Made some granola bars.
Finding a hobby is a great way to kill time. The purpose of this is to distract you from your phone and other electronics because everyone seemed to be looking at it now and then.

#8: ENJOY!
My very last tip... Enjoy the moments you have with your friends and family so that you will not have any regrets. Easy right?

That's all for now!

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