18 January 2016

Chinese New Year Makeup Look

Hello everybody!! Chinese New Year is around the corner and I have been hunting new clothes for the festival these days. Nevertheless, I still need to create a makeup look to finish up the entire you know... OOTD. 

If you are interested, then keep on reading...

Starting off with the base, apply an eye primer.

Pick up a gold eye pencil and ' colour ' your eyes.

Then use your ring finger to blend the edges.
( awkward hand )

For this makeup look, I will skip eyeliner because I find that eyeliners are very difficult to remove ( especially waterproof ones ). You know the feeling when you want to sleep so badly but you still have to remove your makeup :/ . Therefore, use eyeshadow instead.

Just like applying eyeliner, apply a tope colour eyeshadow along your lash line.

Curl your lashes

Apply mascara
( had a little incident with the mascara )

Use a silver/white eyeshadow and apply it on your inner corners of your eyes.

Fill in your brows.

Apply tinted lipbalm on the inner part of your lips.

Then blend the edges to get a gradient effect.

And you are done!

These were the cosmetics I used... The lesser the better because more cosmetics used means we have to spend more time applying makeup. At the end of the day, you still have to remove them. You get what I mean? All the effort to perfect the makeup look will be gone at the end of the day because we still have to remove them.

That's all for now :D

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