12 February 2016

Valentine Day Outfit

Okay everybody, it's been too long since I last updated my blog. Too loooongg... As you all know, Valentine Day is just around the corner ( IT'S TOMORROW! ) and I know some people will start to worry about what outfit to wear on that day. So I've came up with 3 outfit ideas that I think is easy to remake and most importantly COMFORTABLE.

#1 : T-shirt and Pants
You can decide between jeans or pants - it's all up to you - but I paired a t-shirt with pants because I kind of got tired of wearing jeans all the time ( so yeahh, that is the reason why ) . Layered the outfit with a jacket to you know... keep you warm - if you are going to a movie theatre or you are like me, someone who gets cold easily.

#2 : A Red Dress
What's Valentine Day without red/pink? For this case the outfit consist of a simple red dress and a jacket - simple but still presentable :) ( that rhyme )

#3 : Plain Shirt and Printed Skirt ( that rhyme again )
This is my favorite outfit. This is no brainer, just wear a plain shirt with printed bottom and spice it up with some accessories... and you are good to go!

I know the background is kind of random ( Chinese New Year is still going on ), because this is the only area of my entire house that is decorated, so I might as well make full use of it right?

I also understand that some people might still be vexing over what to wear on Valentine Day. Well if you don't mind... Just ask the person who you will be going out with!! At least that was what I did. I spent 2 hours trying to find the perfect outfit ( trying to look presentable but comfortable and not troublesome ), and I swear my head ALMOST EXPLODED! In the end, I threw the secret ' outfit ' concept ( SCREW IT! ) and I just asked the person which outfit should I wear. In less than 15 minutes, I settled my outfit for the day :D. At least my hairdo and shoes is still a secret.

That's all xx
Do comment what will you be wearing for Valentine Day.
For those who have not decide what to wear, you should definitely try my method and share what outfit did your date picked ;)

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