30 March 2016

15 minutes Pinterest makeup look

Fun Fact: this blog post was suppose to be a 5 minutes makeup look challenge ( makeup look inspired by makeup tutorials from Pinterest since this month's theme is still social media ). But I failed so this becomes a 15 minutes makeup look ( well... not exactly 15 minutes, I might exceed maybe just a teeny tiny bit ). Ohhhh... I just realised that the eyeliner I drew are uneven ( that is what you get when you draw eyeliner in a hurry ).

Currently, I am sitting in my room with makeup products laying around which I totally have no intentions to clean up anytime soon and my face is full of makeup products I just used for this blog post. The amount of time I spent on this look is probably the least amount of time taken. Anyways, let's get right into the " challenge " but failed makeup look.

First things first, I had some water to prepare myself for the battle ( with my Big Bird - from sesame street - shirt on ).

Then I quickly squeezed a pearl size amount of CC Cream on the back of my hand and dot the product all over my face and blend it with my fingers.

Recently ( more like yesterday ) I bought a stick concealer, so I used it to cover up my blemishes and dark under eyes and areas where I thought needed coverage.

Then I pat some powder over the areas where I just applied concealer.

Source : http://www.astucesdefilles.com/6-tutos-make-up-inedits-pour-mettre-vos-yeux-en-valeur/

According to the diagram above, I tried out the makeup look and I can tell you that I failed miserably ( I don't know why but I just suck at handling black eyeshadows, it always turns into a mess ).

So I just blend the eyeshadows together with a brush. By the time I finish blending everything, I used more than 3 minutes... ( GOTTA HURRY UP! ).
In this photo I was actually applying eyeliner on my tightlines. I always find myself in this position when applying eyeliner ( is it just me or am I weird? :/)

There was a mirror beside me so I turned to it and complete lining my eyes by winging it upwards, hence this explains my position.

Gotta curl the lashes and apply mascara! 

Using the browcara ( a mascara for the brows ), I coloured my brows brown and the browcara actually fills in the gaps just a little bit.

Applied a coral colour lipgloss and finished the look by dabbing some tinted lipbalm on my cheeks and blend it.

I stopped the timer and let loose my hair ( aka lion mane ) and brush through it using my fingers.

Since the timer is off, I picked up an eyeliner pen and touch up on my eye makeup.

Then there I was, sitting on the floor feeling sleepy ( is it just me or do people feel like sleeping after they've just finished putting on makeup? )

After that I used my laptop to edit this blog post.

There you have it, a 15minutes++ makeup look.

The after thoughts are, I spent too much time on the eyeshadow and if I were to take on this challenge again, I will definitely skip the eyeshadow portion because it just takes up too much time to blend and  I am so going to take on this challenge again.

The next time I tried to do this challenge, I will definitely win next time!

That's it, I hoped you enjoyed.

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