14 March 2016

#OOTD inspired from weheartit

HELLO and welcome back! :D

As I was scrolling through all the different social platforms, I realised that there are countless outfit ideas, makeup looks and hair tutorials to pick up/learn from. I then thought, why not recreate outfits from whatever pieces of clothing that is already in my closet, and that is how I came up with this month's blog post... getting inspirations from the social media and recreate into an OOTD.


The Outfit:
I am sure that 99% ( if not 70% - just randomly bombing statistics ) of the women already have these clothings in their closets, so this should be an easy outfit to recreate.

The Makeup:
Looks easy but it took me an hour to get the makeup done ( probably due to my lack of 'experience' in this segment ).

The Hairstyle:
If I have not mention this already, I am into braids recently. Naturally, I searched up on braid hairstyles and voila! I found this picture of a girl with dutch braids.


Starting with the hair, I combed it ( tame my mane ) and started braiding it. Recently, my hair feels like Barbie dolls' hair and I don't even know how to describe it, kinda plastic-y... :/ and I am not sure if it's because of the shampoo that I am using or my screwed up sleeping routine or my daily routine.
On the same topic of 'hair', I cut my fringe, or rather my sister cut my fringe, and I quite like it because it made me look YOUNGER. Do you know how annoying it is to be stopped by credit card promoters because I look ' older than my age ' . I swear nobody stop me after I cut my hair!!!! :D unless I am wearing my working outfit ._.
Okay guys... It is just me or do my arms always feel SUPER tired and achy after tying my hair? Because my arms are always tired even if I did not spend much time doing an updo.
( tying one braid got me like... )

And of course there is an interruption ( there are always interuptions ), the phone was ringing and I have to stop what I was doing and pick up the phone.
After the phone call, I finally went back to braid the other side.
'Hello from the other side... I must have called a thousand times... '
Put on a headband and starting opening my own concert ( who can relate with me? 'Same to same' - if you watch iisuperwomanii you'll probably understand this phrase. )
After one song, I started doing the makeup...

Applied CC Cream on my entire face with a damp sponge ( I learnt it from Youtube, it supposedly should make your foundation/base look super natural, well... I not too sure about that because I don't see any difference with damp sponge or fingers ).
With an eyeshadow brush, I used a pink with grey undertone color to apply on my entire lid...
And used a taupe color on my outer V and did some blending work. Don't forget to drag some eyeshadow down to your lower lashlines!
Then using a white eye pencil, I colored my lower half lashline, brow bone, inner corners and upper half eyelid and used my finger to blend it.
In the picture I took from weheartit, I believed the lady put on fake lashes. However I do not own any ( yet ) so I just curl my lashes and applied 2 coats of mascara.
Gotta fill in the brows and comb through it.
As I said earlier, I do not own any fake eyelashes so I substitude it by lining my eyes with a liquid eyeliner. Honestly, I don't like using eyeliners because I always screw up the entire makeup look by accidentally drawing uneven lines or drawing out of place.
I then finished the entire makeup look with blusher and lipstick.
Let down my fringe and I am done!
For the outfit, I am wearing grey stripes instead of black because mine is a crop top and I don't have the courage to show people my huge tummy. I really respect people who show their stomach like how much did you exercise to get this result? and I appreciate your courage.
In conclusion me + stomach = NO NO!
Instead of white shoes, I owned a similar pair but it has stripes on it. I think you kind of realise that I am also into stripes nowadays... Threw on a pair of jeans and the outfit is done.
Then I am just posing randomly because this is the only time I wear full makeup and dress up, so why not make full use of it and take as many photos as possible -because I look like I got ran by a car 99% of the time ( randomly adding numbers again ).

Okok I think you have enough of my face. HAHAHA... oh pardon me.

I feel that this entire look is very suitable for school or a casual day out. But if you find the makeup look too much, then just simplify it with mascara and eyeliner. Alrighty, that's all I've got for this blog post. Ciao!


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