24 March 2016

Thoughts and Updates

FUN FACT : Last night, I dreamt that someone told me I smell good. HAHAHAHA! I swear I have the weirdest dreams ever! I, once, even dreamt that there was a riot going on and I was chased and I used the pesticide spray as my weapon to let the chaser's guard down. *pssssttt* into their eyes and I escaped.

Hola Amigos! ( learned a new phrase recently so I decided to put it to use - is that how I use this phrase? ). Anyways, today's blog post will be different from the previous ones; nothing related to makeup, hair or outfit. I just want to sit down and type whatever that came to my mind, so this is a ' more words lesser pictures ' post.

On the topic of social media, I'm sure millions or even billions of people are using them right now. I feel that social media made us ( teenagers ) become more self-conscious in a way, shall list out a few; the don't judge challenge, then there is the #goals thing going on. With #eyebrowgoals, #relationshipgoals, #makeupgoals, #hairgoals, #housegoals, #roomgoals ( you get what I mean ya? ). Not gonna lie, the #relationshipgoals, do make me feel SUPER lonely at times ( do comment if you agree with me because I really do hope I am not the only one ). Back to topic, these trends often make people feel that there is a need to look good all the times and get jealous over things that they couldn't have. Don't get me wrong, if you are really passionate about the things you do then GO AHEAD! I'll give you my 100% support. For instance, I super love makeup! I find them very fun to ' play ' with, all the different types of finishes; like matte, glowy, shiny, glittery then there is gel, pencil, liquid ( eyeliner ).

Maybe it's just me but social media made me kind of lonely which is irony but it's supposed to be SOCIAL media. Scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw pictures of people having fun with their childhood friends and BFFs. But me? Laying down on my bed in my pyjamas with the craziest hair ever! I always thought that crazy hair only happens in dramas until I look myself into the mirror. Mine is not just a messy hair, it's a freaking LION MANE! But then seeing people on Instagram with those beautiful hair made me feel even worst... Anyways, not that I am complaining that my life is boring as hell nor I have no friends - I have friends okay! But sometimes I was like ' where the hell did my friends go ?! '. In the end I just continued to lie on the bed and be a sloth all day everyday, with notifications of chat groups that is totally not related to me or replies from one friend. #storyofmylife. You now know why I blog right?

However social media does help to fill up the gap in my heart - meaning it kept me entertained with those hair and makeup tutorials, getting inspirations from people who posts their outfit and life hacks. Okayy I should probably stop here because this blog post is becoming more and more like an essay ( with no dateline ).

That's all!

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