10 April 2016

Adventures in Pulau Ubin

Fun Fact: I was shat on whilst riding the bike, like HOW?!?! I was happily cycling and then something cooling touched my skin and my cap. Turned to look at my arm and there it was! Bird poop ( yay! ). But I have a question, is bird poop supposed to be cooling? I thought it is supposed to be warm?????? Well that was my first time getting pooped on, so I really have no idea...

Hola amigos! It has been sooooo long since I've blogged about my life. Since back to school is in weeks time, I decided to enjoy the last few weeks before hell starts. Hence, under the theme of ' back to school ', you will be expecting blog posts that are things/ activities/ adventures/ shopping trips that I might have before back to school!

Already have a feeling that this going to be long and wordy.

I woke up 8 in the morning and got myself ready for the day. Bought food to keep for later and took the bus to Changi Village. Walked to the jetty and there are 4 rows of benches ( if I remembered correctly ), the thing is, you can only board the boat once there are 12 people waiting to board. The boat captain will ask how people do you have in a group, and once there are a total of 12 people, you get to board, or else you'll have to wait for more people to arrive. Ohhh yahhh!... I have to share this with you. The captain asked this pair of girls ' how many people? ' then one of them replied with ' Pulau Ubin '. Then my sister's boyfriend laughed at the situation, mocked them and mimic them ( privately of course, not with them around! )

Then once you got on the boat and settled down, the captain will start to collect the fees $3 per person, per trip. Once collected, he then starts the boat and headed off to the Pulau Ubin Island. The only thing I am disappointed was the boat is not moving as fast as I would like, but it is okay because it was windy.

After stepping on the platform, I began to sing ' where are we going? Where are we going? ' ( extract from Dora the Explorer ) and thankfully, my sister and her boyfriend responded, if not I would be awarded with an awkward silence. Anyways we came to this road with rows and huts of shops to rent bicycles. I paid $10 for this green coloured bike and the lady there told us ' the original price was $12, since it is weekday I'll give you discount, $10 for the entire day '. After we've paid and tested out our bikes, we then officially began our adventure! I have short legs and found that out when I was testing out the bike, my foot can barely reach the group after sitting on the seat!

The lady also kindly provided us with an A4 sized map, which is kind of useful. Even though there will be huge maps imprinted on signboards along every, I would like to say, junction. But we still reach out for the A4 sized map ever so often, so I really appreciate the lady's effort.

At some parts we will get off our bikes and take pictures of the scenery... Scratch that, we, or rather I, get off my bike countless times to push my bike up the hills because I cannot seem to cycle myself and the bike up the slopes.
We stopped by the Quarry and climbed over the metal fence with the help of a bike, and of course someone has to support the bike. As I already mentioned, the fence is made of metal, so under the hot sun, it is pipping hot, but we managed to climb back and forth with the help of the bike.

Stopped at another area to take pictures ( again ), luckily it was wooden fence instead. There I was, fiddling with an insect repellent patch. Okay, there is a story behind the two insect repellent patches I was wearing ( here we go again... ).

So... Somehow we stopped riding ( can't remember the reason ) then I felt something of my leg and discovered a mosquito trying to suck up my blood! Instinctively, I swat my hand and it died in my palm. My sister's boyfriend ( let's just call him Alex ) quickly took out a pouch, he called it the ' survival kit ' and handed me insect repellent patches. After I just pasted one on my shirt, 3 more landed on my leg and I quickly killed them, there was blood stained on my leg but I wiped the evidence away ( what a serial killer I am ). Obviously, I pasted another one on my bottom. I would really like to thank Alex, he is a life saviour! If it was not for his insect repellent, I think I would probably be typing out this post and scratching my body at the same time. Speaking of which, I discovered after conversing with my friend, that nobody has invented patches for mosquito bites yet. Just like how pimple patches work, you just paste the mosquito patch on any mosquito bite you have. Then voilà the itchiness ceased.

We had lunch at a shelter on Butterfly Hill(??). Continued our journey and OMG! I almost fell off the bike! What a close shave... There is a slope that is filled with rocks and pebbles, somehow I lost control of it and almost fell flat on my face! Luckily I was able to get save some band-aids ( pheww! ).

Another thing, we kept bumping onto this group of adults and another group of friends. Took the same boat to the island, met a few times on the island. Took the same boat back ( does not apply to the group of friends ), and even met once more when we were waiting for the bus to go home.

This trip was very meaningful and I sure learnt a lot of things: one bottle of water is not enough for the entire day. Always bring an insect repellent and a survival kit! A thin layer of sun block does not always prevent sun burn ( got my back sunburned). Be prepared to get pooped on ( wear a cap! It is very handy to shield the sun and the poop ). Consider bringing a pair of gloves because the handles of the bike made my palms sore and painful :/.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day:)

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